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no because usually dogs feet doesn't smell!!!!!

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Dogs perspire from the pads of their feet and their tongue. Smell your own feet and see how sweet they are!

scent glands in their pads im pretty sure.... what kind of dog????? my dog's feet dont smell but my friend has some rare kind and his feet do

dogs and dogs and dogs

They smell like dirty dogs.

they love the smell of meat.

geranium flowers.... dogs loathe this smell!

On the contrary, not all dogs' feet smell like corn chips. For those dogs who may have that scent on their feet, there are a number of reasons to explain the smell: 1) the dog stepped in corn chips on his/her way over to your nose. 2) the dog stepped in a corn product or by-product (like E85 Ethanol) on his/her way over to your nose. 3) the dog has corn chips for feet because he/she is actually a model of a dog made completely out of corn chips. 4) you have corn chips in your nose, so whatever you smell appears to have that odor, including a dog's feet.

What kind of question is that they probobly smell like feet

Yes dogs can smell almost everything in their surroundings.

Some dogs do, but some dogs don't

why do dogs like to lick peoples feet

Hamsters smell similar to wet dogs.

That's a matter of opinion. Most people do not smell anything like dogs.

It is nasty, but dogs like the smell of their owners. That is why some dogs chew underwear and shoes. I don't understand why, but they do.

They probably smell like everyone else's-- when people are busy or they walk a lot, their feet will perspire. But after a shower or bath, their feet will probably smell very pleasant.

It depends on what they prefer, they could like the odd smell to feet, or the possible dusty sting of the odor, basically they like the smell or the act of smelling peoples feet.

If you really desperately need someone to smell his or her own feet, then touch their feet and tell them they now smell like cotton candy. Tell them it is the most amazing new product, because you can smear it on like a sock and it makes your feet smell the way you want them to that day. You just made his or her feet smell like cotton candy, because you were hungry.

they can smell drugs or smell arson stuff like bombs and they usually work for police.

dogs don't like smells that are strong to humans since dogs have a better sense of smell than humans its even stronger for them and they don't like the smell of shampoo and things similar to that like soap for example

That all depends. We talkin' on land, or under water?

Cats hate the smell of anything close to strong like colone but dogs don't mind the smell of strong stuff

Dogs like the taste/smell.

If they are new, they smell like leather or whatever they are made of. After they are worn, they smell like feet. Usually girls wearing high heels/flats on bare feet smell bad because they aren't wearing any socks nor nylons.

Perhaps, because dogs have cleaner tongues than people.

dogs do like your basset hound and beagles

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