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Q: Do dwarf Cichlids eat neons
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How big do dwarf cichlids get?

Dwarf cichlids can get up to 20 inches long

Do guppies eat neons fish?

Guppies will eat neons tetra babies but are not large enough to eat fully grown neons.

What has the author Hans-Joachim Richter written?

Hans-Joachim. Richter has written: 'Complete book of dwarf cichlids' -- subject(s): Dwarf cichlids

Can baby cichlids be with larger cichlids?

no because the bigger cichlids will eat the little cichlids.

What kind of fish can live in the tank with angelfish?

Many of the Tetra family of fish have similar water requirements as do Corydoras catfish and some of the Amazonian Dwarf cichlids from the Apistograma family. Knowing that Angelfish (Pterophylum scalare) are cichlids and will hunt (as a pack sometimes)and trap and eat small fish, I would avoid Neons but would probably include Cardinal Tetras as about the smallest fish to house with Angels. The minimum sized tank I would use for Angelfish to live in is 60 Gallons.

What fish can live with neon tetra?

Neons will be OK with any small fish that need their water contitions to be slightly acid pH6.8 and over 78F. That includes most tetras, most rasboras, most danios, most barbs most dwarf cichlids most gouramies, most corydoras.

Do Oscars eat neons?


What are good kinds a fish that can go with parrot cichlids?

Just parrot cichlids they will eat other fish or the will kill them including other kinds of cichlids. :)

Which tropical aquarium fish eat brine shrimp?

There are not many fish that won't. Maybe algae eaters and large cichlids like fully grown Oscars would not be interested. But just about all Tetras, Danios, Rasboras, Barbs, Anabantids, Dwarf Cichlids, Killi fish, Livebearers etc etc will love a feed of Brine shrimp.

How can you tell when african cichlids are mating?

im 14 and my cichlids mated and the babys are alive..anyways haha the female wont eat or eat as much,and shell be really protective

Is soft water safe for tropical fish?

Different species need different water parameters. Soft water suits just about all the South American Tropicals like Neons, and other tetras, Angelfish and other Amazonian cichlids, Corydoras and other Amazonian catfish. African cichlids will not survive in soft water.

Can you put neons with African Dwarf Frogs?

Yes as long as your tank is big enough for them and you have a filter and heater in it. Neons are schooling fish so you need at least three of them for them to be healthy. I believe that neons get to be two inches and the rule of thumb is one gallon for every inch of fish for tropical fish. Which means you would need at least a six gallon tank in order to have neons but a ten gallon tank is ideal.

What fish get along with angelfish?

They are Cichlids and as such will hunt, kill and eat fish that are small enough to fit into their mouths. They are also slow moving fish most of the time and have long flowing fins which tend to be nibbled if they are in with fast swimming fin nippers. The best company for angels are Tetras, Rasboras, Danios, Dwarf Cichlids, Livebearers, etc. I would avoid all large aggressive fish.

Does the African cichlid eat plants?

In the wild, African Cichlids eat plants like blue-green algae and organic detritus. These plants are high in fiber, but provide little nutritional content, so cichlids eat continuously to maintain their metabolism.

What can you put in a tank with guppies?

Guppies are great community fish and can live quite happily with most Tetras, Rasboras, Barbs, Anabantids, Dwarf Cichlids, Danios, Corydoras and many other species provided they don't get too big and eat the guppies.

Do cichlids eat their babies?

some do, some dont; but always assume they will.

Will jewel cichlids fight with convict cichlids?

It is expected that Jewel Cichlids with Convict Cichlids.

Do Cichlids eat other fish?

Some cichlid species do and some don't.

Would Cichlids Eat Other fish in the tank?

depends on the size of the cichlids, size of the other fish, and how big the tank is. i had some Oscars that we would feed goldfish.

How do yo prepare cichlids to eat?

If you're talking about humans eating cichlids, it's basically the same as for any other fish. I don't know how to explain it, but if you look up how to fillet a fish, you'll find it pretty easily. If you're talking about feeding cichlids in the aquarium, this really depends on the species. The dwarf cichlid species (mostly south american) are often very delicate and require a diet of high-quality flakes and live food. Most other cichlids get quite big and should not be fed flake food because they can't eat enough of it to get adequate nutrition - it's sort of like a human trying to eat soup with a fork. The best food for most cichlid species is a high quality pellet food - I highly recommend NewLife Spectrum. Choose the pellet size based on the size of the fish.

Do cichlids eat apple?

I don't think so, I'm rather sure they don't.

Do dwarf hamsters eat ketchup?

No,Most dwarf hamsters eat cereal,fruits,veggies and water.

Are goldfish and cichlids compatible?

Cichlids are very aggressive fish, and will not be compatible with goldfish. The only type of fish you could keep with cichlids, are other cichlids.

Can hamster dwarf eat tomatoes?

No. Dwarf hamsters and all hamsters cannot eat tomatoes!

How many times a day does a Dwarf hamster have to eat?

A dwarf hamster only has to eat once a day if you fill the bowl all the way... If you fill it half way dwarf hamsters should eat twice a day