Do earthqukes only start from fault?

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What maks a earthqukes start?

there is an eruption thus causing the plates in the earth move.

Is their earthqukes in Mexico?

i think so....

What state has the most earthqukes?


What landforms does diversion make?


What scale measures earthqukes?

The Richter scale.

Where do earthqukes occur most often?

near the boundaries

What was poeidon the god of?

oceans and rivers horese and earthqukes

What is the instrument that's is used to measure earthqukes?


How many earthquakes have there been in Mexico?

there are millions of earthqukes that have past

What can cause a car engine to not start?

Can only be: no petrol or an electrical fault = flat battery, no spark, electrical short, bad wiring.

If you could observe only the land surface around a fault how could you tell if the fault is a strike-slip fault?

its a normal fault

How aften are there earthquakes in the Gobi desert?

There have been 100 earthqukes since it was made.

What tool do they use to mearsure earthqukes?

a seismograph is used to measure intensity of earthquake

Are earthquakes driven by solar energy?

no it not plates below the earth cause earthqukes

Where does san Andreas fault start and end?


How do you decide the spark plug is fault?

When it doesn't start.

Where is Point in earth where earthquakes start?

Fault line

What fault line did the 1931 napier earthquake happen on?

The Napier-Hastings fault. Its' a blind fault and only ruptured he surface along a 15km stretch of the fault.

How did the Christchurch Earthquake start?

there was an unknown fault connected to the already discovered fault that goes straight through Christchurch.

How do dog predict earthqukes?

they dont predict them they just sence them. they can hear them and feel the vibration

What city does San Andreas fault start?

The San Andreas fault starts in the Salton Sea.It goes for 600 miles.

Who is at fault when you crashed in to a door of a parked car?

If YOU hit something that was standing still, it can only be YOUR fault .

Where can you watch The Fault in Our Stars?

The Fault in our Stars is not available to watch online. The movie is only in theaters.

How do you reset Chevy Express air bag light?

Every time you start the engine, SRS(airbag) performs a self test for a few seconds. On a Chevy Express the light should only be on when there is a fault, and turn off once the fault is fixed.

Where does the san andreas fault start and end?

Start: The People The Infastructure The Government The Capitalism The polution End.