Do eels have scales?

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not in the sense of how more well known fish have scales like a tuna or bass. they do however have scales underneath a layer of skin and the scales cannot be removed without the skin coming off. so in short, they do have scales but not like other fish.

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Q: Do eels have scales?
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Do eels and catfish have scales?

Most fish have scales on their bodies. Some do not have scales. Eels and catfish do not have scales.

How much do baby electric eels weigh?

Nothing. Baby eels don't have scales.

Do cusk have scales?

Cusk-eels do have scales, though may lack them on the tops of their heads

Why are eels not kosher even though they have fins and scales?

While eels do have scales from a scientific point of view, the word kashkeshet (קשקשת) is interpreted in the Talmud to be a subset of scales that can be cleanly removed from the skin of the fish. There are several types of scientifically-accepted scales which do not have this attribute, such as the denticles of a shark and the thin scales of an eel. It is for this reason that eel is not kosher.

How doe eels adapt to its environment?

It has layers of rubber and also scales.

What fish does not have scales?

Fish that do not have scales include catfish, sharks, rays, skates, moray eels, blennies, hagfish and lampreys

Does mahi mahi have scales?

Yes. Most fish do. With the exception of swordfish, catfish, and eels, primarily. Yes. Most fish do. With the exception of swordfish, catfish, and eels, primarily.

What fish do not have fins or scales?

Shellfish, mollusks, catfish, sharks, eels, coral, jellyfish, and many others.

What do you call an animal that has a moist scale?

Fish are animals that have moist scales. This is due to a layer of mucus coating the scales. However, a minority of fish don't have any scales at all. Catfish and eels are examples of scaleless fish.

Are eels scaly?

No. Although there may be some exceptions, most are unlike fish and have no scales. They have somewhat-slimy skin.

Does eels really have scales?

no because they have got to much oil on there skin so they would just come straight off

What kinds of eels are there?

There are about 800 species of eels. Some common names are: freshwater eels false morays mud eels spaghetti eels moray eels thin eels worm eels congers long neck eels pike congers duckbill eels snake eels snipe eels sawtooth eels cutthroat eels

Does a salmon have fins and scales?

Yes, Salmon do have fins and scales like most fish (although som fish, like catfish, do not have scales). I have never heard of a fish without fins, although eels have less fins than many other fish. The scales tend to be small and most fish vendors will sell salmon fillets with the skin and scales still on (although some people think the scales are unpleasant).

Types of eels?

The types of eels are salt water eels, freshwater eels, the swamp eels, rubber eels and the electric eels. It is an elongated fish that lives in the shallow waters.

Are there any fish without scales?

Catfish, sharks, skates, rays, moray eels, sea lampreys, Atlantic hagfish, blobfish, Vandellia cirrhosa.

What water animals does not have scales?

Plenty! Dolphins, Whales, Eels, seahorses, starfish, frogs, salamanders, mudpuppies, blobfish, (looks like a actual blob). and more!

What are the different types of eels?

electric eels, congar eels,gulper eels and many more

What is the collective noun of eels?

The collective nouns are:a bed of eelsa fry of eelsa swarm of eels

Is kingklip okay to eat if you are Kosher?

Kingklip seems to be a kind of eel, and traditionally, eels are not considered kosher. To be kosher, a fish must have fins and scales, and the scales of most eels do not quite meet the traditioinal Jewish definition of a scale because they are embedded in the skin instead of loose where they can be scraped from the skin. However, there are Orthodox Jews who argue that it should be kosher because its scales appear to be just over the line into acceptability. In sum, it's a borderline case, and the traditional Jewish approach to such borderline cases is to "just say no."

How big are eels?


Does a mahi mahi fish have scales?

That's a good question. Not all fish have scales. Swordfish, catfish, cod, mackerel, whiting, sturgeons, sharks and eels are just a few examples of fish without scales. The mahi-mahi fish does have scales, and is a clean fish, suitable for human consumption, according to the bible. Leviticus 11:9 states: "Of all the creatures living in the water of the seas and the streams, you may eat any that have fins and scales". Mahi-mahi meets the criteria of having both fins and scales.

What are adult eels called?

Adult eels are called eels, babies are elvers

Are eels blind?

eels are blind

How do eels process oxygen?

in eels

What is the difference between electric eels and moray eels?

electric eels have an electric current that shocks thing Moray eels dont