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Yes, so the chick inside can breath.

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Q: Do eggs have holes in them?
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Where do beetles lay their eggs?


Where do grass hoppers lay their eggs?

Grasshoppers dig holes to lay there eggs.

Are eggs solid?

no eggs have little breathing holes all the way round

How do grasshoppers dig holes to lay their eggs?

They dig holes for their egg laying with ovipositer.

Where do sea turtles lay eggs?

In the wild, they dig holes in the sand on a beach and lay their eggs there.

Where do green iguanas lay their eggs?

Green Iguanas (female) will dig holes in the ground to lay eggs. She will dig additional holes to confuse would-be egg poachers. After that she leaves the eggs, the hatchlings will grow up by themselves.

How do grasshoppers dig holes to lay eggs?

They use their ovipositor.

Why do lizards dig holes?

Some lizards dig holes to stay cool or warm depending on weather, or to lay eggs.

Where do Mexican walking fish lay there eggs?

They lay their eggs in small places predators cant get the eggs like seaweed and under rocks or in holes

Do turtles dig holes?

Yes they dig hole to lay eggs

Does a crocodile lay eggs in water?

Normally lays eggs in banks of rivers or in land, burrowing holes near to their habitats.

What things explode in the microwave if you dont poke holes in it?

eggs, ithink grapes do

Explain how grasshoppers dig holes to lay their eggs?

they use their vertebrate to sense their organs which leads them to building big enough holes for their offspring.

Where do fish lay there eggs on land or in water?

I think they lay there eggs in water in little holes they make. Try watching Nemo LOL!

Why do turtles dig holes in your yard?

to lay their eggs,so they can have baby's and that means there pregnant.

Why do your hens pick holes in the ends of their eggs?

because it don't like small spaces

Why are reptile eggs leathery?

Most reptile eggs are leathery to protect them when laid in holes where they drop into contact with other eggs and it serves to make them more resiliant when covring the eggs with sand, dirt and other debris to conceal them.

Does the crocodile climb trees or dig holes?

A crocodile does not climb trees and does not dig holes, it will however make a nest in soft sand in which to lay its clutch of eggs.

Do tortises make wholes in the durt?

No they do not make holes in the ground because they like to sit in the sun, not in the dirt. Wrong: Gopher turtles make holes in the dirt where they live. They are found in Florida and Georgia. They are also found in a few other Southern states in the United States. There are other types of turtles that make holes in the ground. Sea turtles crawl onto the beach and make holes above the high tide mark. They lay their eggs in those holes. Other turtles dig holes to bury their eggs.

Do cockatoos make nests?

No, instead they sleep and lay eggs in a holes in trees called hollows.

Do turkeys lay 8 to 15 eggs in a small nest in the low branches of a tree?

Turkeys do lay 8 to 15 eggs, but not in tree nests. They lay their eggs in shallow holes scooped out of the ground.

What causes rotten eggs to smell like rotten eggs?

Bacteria goes into an egg trough any holes and then multiplies rapidly and forms an egg to be rotten.

Do snapping turtles lay their eggs on land?

Yes they do, a female will come on land to the edge of the water and dig a hole to lay her eggs in. She might dig several practise or tester holes before laying her eggs.

What does it mean when a bearded dragon digs holes?

Beardies dig holes for different reasons. Those reasons are: To sleep in To keep entertained To find a cooler spot To lay eggs

Do hookworms reproduce sexually or asexually?

they wake each others holes with their heads and then both layn eggs