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No. Elephants are plant-eaters. Because they are such big animals, they need to eat large amounts of leaves, grass and tree bark.

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What animals eat elephants?

lions tigers and hyenas eat elephants :(

What other animal like to eat elephants?

Lions and tigers also eat elephants.

Do elephant eat lions?

No. Elephants do not eat meat.

What organisms eat elephants?

Obviously lions

What are the differences between lions and elephants?

lions are animals which eats meat, elephants are way more bigger than lions and they only eat plants and fruits...

Does anything eat African elephants?

lions probly

What animal eats the African elephant?

Lions eat African elephants.

Other than meat what do lions eat?

Lions don't eat anything else but meat. They will eat elephants, deer, boar, and many other types of animals.

When do lions eat?

Lions eat when they want to eat. Lions sometimes save there food for later.If you really want to know what lions look like you can watch discovery channel but if you want to know now they eat elephants, buffalo , and animals that live in the wild with them

What are wild elephant's enemies?

Other than humans I only know lions eat elephants that are full grown but opportunistic predators like crocodiles and lions eat young elephants and other animals but that's all I know.

Can African elephants be eaten?

African elephants can be eaten by lions, but I don't know if any other big cats eat them too.

Why are lions elephants enemy?

Lions are the enemy of elephants because lions have been known to hunt and kill baby elephants. In fact, large groups of lions have learned how to successfully hunt and kill adult elephants who are not in the company of other adult elephants who will help protect them.

What do elephants and lions have in common?

lions likes to live nearby lake and the elephants too

What do lions live off?

lions eat deer. They are also carnivores which means the only eat meat.lions also hunt elephants but they can only do this if they are in a group called prieds.

Why does an elephant eat plants and a lion eats meat?

Because elephants are herbivores and lions aren't

Who are elephants enemy?

The enemies of elephants are lions and man.

Why do tigers and lions leave elephants alone?

Actually lions and tigers don't leave elephants alone.

What is the continent where lions and elephants live?

Africa and Asia are both continents thatn have both lions and elephants.

Do lions and hyenas eat African elephants?

Yes the do eat the babies when leave unregarded by their parents. but for the adults one its very had to be eaten by them.

Who eats elephants?

the lions

What are elephants pedators?


What Eats elephats?

lions can attack and kill sick or small elephants though elephants are not usual prey for lions in sputnik

Do elephants eat giraffes?

Elephants do not eat giraffes because elephants do not eat meat. Elephants are herbivores.

Are elephants a prey or not?

yes, young elephants can be attacked by lions and spotted hyenas, but as for big elephants they have no.

What are elephants hunted by?

Elephants are hunted by man, lions, hyena, and wild dogs.