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Yes, they do.

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Do dogs yawn because their owners yawn?

No. They yawn for the same reasons we do.

Do giraffes yawn?

Yes they do yawn.

Do whales yawn?

No whales do not yawn.

Is yawn an adjective?

The word 'yawn' is both a verb (yawn, yawns, yawning, yawned) and a noun (yawn, yawns). Examples:Verb: I began to yawn in the middle of the lecture.Noun: The comedian's joke met with a big yawn.An adjective is a word that describes a noun, for example: a big yawn.

Why do many yawn when one yawns even out of sight?

they yawn because when you yawn it passes on to other people . so you yawn then someone's right next to you then i think they inhale then they start to yawn ?

Why do you yawn in your sleep?

how do you know you yawn if you are sleeping?

Do ant yawn?

no the ant dosen't yawn

Does a snail yawn?

yes they yawn quietly

Do you yawn when you are cold?

I yawn when I have swine flu

Is yawn an onomatopoeia?

Yes, yawn is an onomatopoeia.

Can you give a sentence for the word yawn?

Insects do not yawn. People necessarily do not yawn only when they are tired. Most people, after reading this, will yawn.

What is the big yawn?

it's when you yawn real big

What is another word for a big yawn?

Bear yawn

YAWN IN FRENCH is dinner?

to yawn is 'bailler' in French.

What is a homophone for yawn?

the homophone for yawn! haha get it lol

What TM is Yawn in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yawn is not a TM.

Why to we yawn when someone else is yawn?

Yawning is contagious.

How do you yawn?

Actually, you do not yawn when your tired Specifically. When you yawn, your releasing Carbon Dioxide from your body to keep you alert and awake.

Why do you 'yawn' when tired?

People yawn because they are bore.....right now,their is no approved causal of yawnimg

How come people yawn?

People don't yawn. A yawn is a gasp for air, so now you know the anwer!

Do pigs yawn?

no pigs do not yawn because they are animals and all animals do not yawn exept from dog. thank you

What is the past participle of yawn?

"Yawned"; "yawn" is a regular verb.

What makes us yawn?

We yawn cause of the lack of oxygen.

Why do cockatiels Yawn?

well, why do you yawn?:) It's the same reason!

Can you put the word yawn in a sentence?

When I am sleepy or tired I yawn.