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i am not sure but the emo boys i know don't like Mexican girls but some emo boys might feel a different way.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:15:56
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Q: Do emo boys like Mexican girls?
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Are there more emo boys or girls?

boys. but emo girls that aren't Mexican are hotter then the guys. (in my opinion!) ;o

What do emo girls like from emo boys?

I believe that emo girls are attracted to emo boys because they are similar in interests. And maybe they see the emo boy as a "bad boy"Yeas, I'm emo girl. And I love emo boys because they are so emotional!

Do emo boys like Punk girls?

They sure do. The problem though, is that punk girls are a bit too hardcore for the sensitive hearts of emo boys.

Why do emo boys kiss each other?

Emo Boys usually kiss each other to get girls they like to notice them.

What are emo boys into in a girl?

They just want that girl to be emo to and not like most popular girls.

Do emo girls like emo guys if you have short hair?

possibley, but emo means that they cut their wrist. goth means wearing black all the time and such. Yeah emo girls do like any type of emo boys and any boys as long as you are being yourself and not pretending to be someone that you are not.

Do emo boys like emo girls?

Generally yes, but not all emo boys go out with emo girls, depends if they care more about there image than anything else. (Being emo myself and going out with an emo guy I know a lot of emos who only care about image) x

Why do boys like the emo girls?

Not all boys do...i for one don't. It depends on what i guy looks for in a girl. It just may happen that certain guys like emo girls there no explination for it besides its just what a guy like in a girl. He cant help it :)

What do emo boys like?

girls who understand thememo or scene girlsgirls like themgirls who like them for them

Can people be fat?

yes u can be fat and still be emo ,I'm a little overweight and I'm emo so yes u can still be fat and be emo :}but most emo girls cant get a boy friend because emo boys like to make out with other emo boys.

Do all emo boys or girls worship emo gods?

No, they do not. Emo boys and girls all worship the gods that everyday people do. They are no different. is there even an emo god? dud. i am sorry, but what type of question is that.^_^

How do you flirt with emo girls?

Tell them how cool their hair looks. Emo girls love that. Also talk about music often. Get physical sometimes with them to. Emo girls like that to.

Do emo girls like Latinos?

Emo girls usually just guys who are Emo's too, but they can like anyone!

When a chinaman listens to We are Kings All American Rejects and Boys like girls is he EMO?

No, that's nonsense.

Why do emo guys kiss?

Emo guys like to kiss to get the attention of emo girls normally, the exploitation of this activity turns on emo girls, just like how some girls ACT bi...cuz guys like to watch them, same with emo guys

Do boys like emo girls?

Boys is a little vague. There are many different kinds of guys, chances are at least one likes emo girls. All different guys have different tastes, you'd be surprised sometimes.Answer:I do. But I'm emo myself.

What do emo girls look for in a boy?

They look for boys?

Do emo girls tend to like hello kitty?

They can like what they want but most Scene girls like Hello Kitty not Emo.

What do 12 year old emo boys llike?

11 or 12 year old emo girls

Do emo boys like black girls?

Emo guys are guys. They might have a different style, but they like girls like everyone else. Emo guys like every type of girl as long as they are attractive. As long as they're a guy, they will always be into a good looking chick. Just look pretty, smell nice, and flattery is the key to anyone's heart.

Would emo boys like girls that are not emo?

I am an emo girl and i am in love with a guy that is NOT an emo guy. i believe that thinking that you HAVE TO fall in love with someone with the same style as you is ignorant and looks will fade, love someone that you can connect with personally and it will be more rewarding :3

What personality do boys like in girls?

ur desprate depends wat kind of guy preppy goth emo ghetto

What genre of music does Boys like girls play?

Pop rock, pop punk, alternative rock, emo pop

'Emo is just an excuse for boys to act like girls' Do you believe it?

Yes. It seems like the black fingernail polish and long black hair give it away. If that's not enough take a look at how emotional emos get. That type of emotion is rarely displayed in men, and girls are more prone to an emo-type attitude from the start. Many boys may not try to act girlie when they act emo. They may think that it's cool, fashionable, or emotionally satisfying in some way. It is probably just my opinion the emo boys are girlish.

What genre does the band Boys Like Girls fall under?

The band, Boys Like Girls, fall under the pop punk, alternative rock, and the power pop music genres. They, despite popular belief, are not a part of the emo genre.