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Do employers have to offer medical coverage to domestic partners?

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Generally no, with a few exceptions. Some municipalities require that contractors doing business with the city provide domestic partner coverage to their workers. Employers that are parties to a collective bargaining agreement that provides domestic partner coverage cannot unilaterally stop providing that benefit.

Please note that this pertains to domestic partnerships only and that the laws are different for same-sex marriage.

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Depends upon the policy. Some have provisions for domestic partners, same-sex partners, commonlaw marriages, etc. Contact your provider directly to inquire.

The answer is yes, but with a few big ifs. Ohio law does not require health insurers or employers to offer what is called "domestic partner" coverage. The employer can choose to offer it, and to set rules about who qualifies as a domestic partner. A casual dating situation will not likely allow you to add her. But if you have a serious relationship and are able to show some evidence of that -- such as a joint lease, shared mortgage, etc. -- then you might be able to add her. If your employer does not offer coverage to domestic partners, then you could buy insurance for her separately.

There are many insurance companies that cover domestic partners.

Probably not. Check with the Company. Are you domestic partners? Is it a group or individual policy?

Either go to the HR department where you work or contact your insurance company directly. The company will need this in writing. Make sure there is no lapse in coverage.

In order to provide themselves with additional (supplemental) coverage in case the employers insurance policy is insufficient. When the assistant wants an additional layer of coverage beyond the limits provided by the employers policy.

This term is used to identify the value of the medical insurance extended by your employer to your domestic partner. On the federal level and in several states, such extra coverage is considered taxable income and must be reported separately.

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For individual coverage, probably not. Group plans yes, if you qualify under the companies rules as a domestic partner, if they allow it.

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You can get medical coverage provided your not-yet married spouse mentions your name in the proposal form for medical coverage from private/government insurer.

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A medical assistant when working under the supervision of a employing physician should be covered under the employers insurance. The assistant could still get their own malpractice coverage though if additional security or a higher coverage limit is desired.

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the term "Full Coverage" is a layman's term. You will not find this language in your policy. In order to determine if you have Medical Coverage you just need to look at your policy and see if you have Medical or Personal Injury protection. Your policy will indicate such and the limits of coverage available. Happy Motoring

Its upto the discretion of your employer how much medical coverage to be provided to you at the time of your employment and accepted by you.

No. The medical payments to others coverage specifically excludes medical coverage for the named insureds and any houshold members. Health insurance is the only coverage that will cover this type of loss.

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When a non custodial parent is ordered by the court to pay medical coverage, and the custodial parent applies for Medicaid that does not mean that the dependent child's medical coverage can be terminated by the non custodial parent. The ordered insurance becomes the primary insurance, and Medicaid becomes the secondary.

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