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Do female betta blow bubbles?

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They do not make bubble nests but are capable of making bubbles as are all Anabantids.

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My betta is a male and every time he eats he starts to blow bubbles,when you feed your betta look and see if it blows bubbles.

to form nests. the males blow the bubbles, the females swim underneath when they want to lay eggs, the male wrapps around the female and squeezes the eggs out of her into the bubbles

The bubbles protect the eggs the female lays.

It is a male and it is trying to attract a female to mate with. The Bubbles is a bubble nest.

that is how they build their nests for their eggs to hatch

It sometimes depends what kind they are, like Crowntails and such.Watch them for a bit. Often their names come from their personalities. I have had: Mystic, Bubbles (one that liked to blow bubbles), King(a Crowntail), Shen-Lung(female), Mulan (again, female), and many others.

Male bettas blow a cluster of bubbles that float on the surface of the water.

its a bubblenest .. its where the female bettafish keeps her eggs

It's not something on the fish. He will blow a nest of bubbles on the surface of the water that hold up the eggs.

The bubbles are a bubble nest. Male bettas are the ones that take care of the kids in betta society. They blow the nest and that usually means he's happy or ready to reproduce. They also sometimes blow them when the composition of their water changes or their is a barometric change in air pressure. It doesn't always mean they are ready to be parents, though and sometimes perfectly healthy males won't blow them.

Male Betta splendens make bubbles when they are in breeding condition and ready to breed. Now, (provided your tank holds at least 10 gallons of water) is the time to add a female if you wish to breed them.

No it means they are ready to mate and might even have eggs in it if there is a female in the same tank.

Because it may be a female or it is not ready to mate because it to young in age. This is the right answer.

The male bettas blow these bubbles that you can't pop. The babies go in because he takes care of the babies because she eats them.

People Usually Blow Bubbles Because Its Fun!

No. The male betta makes the bubble nest, the female lays the eggs, the male fertilizes the eggs and then takes the eggs and places them into the bubbles of the nest. Most often he will then turn and attack the female i still present. The male will then tend to the eggs until hatched making sure to replace any eggs that fall out of their bubbles.

If it's a real dense bunch of bubbles that look like foam, that's a betta nest.

It is simply the male Betta showing that he is in condition and ready to breed. All he is waiting for is a female in breeding condition to come a visiting so he can show her his nest.

No because i have had a male betta in the past and it was just him in the bowl and he was always making bubbles... I guess it just depends if your fish wants to mate he will make bubbles Hope this helps :)

Bubble gum blow bubbles ecause they are elastic.

they blow bubbles because some of them do that just because

Your betta is building a bubble nest and is ready to mate.

When he blow bubbles that mean he is ready to mate so you have to buy 3 female and he will kill two and mate with one

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