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No, female elephants don't have horns. But they do have tusks just like male elephants do.

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Do elephant have horns?

No, elephants do not have horns, they have tusks.

Do female have horns?

Female what? Female goats with horns are common, Female sheep with horns, not so much, but some breeds do.

What animal has the biggest horns?


Does a female goat have horns?

Yes, a female goat does have horns but not ALL of them

What is called female elephant?

female elephant

What do they call a female elephant?

A female elephant.

Does a female reindeer have horns?

No. They have antlers, not horns.

What animal has 4 legs and horns?


What is the female elephant called?

Female elephant is a Cow.Male elephant is a Bull.Baby elephant is a Calf.

Do female deer have horns?

no,only male deer have horns

Do any female antelope have horns?

Bongo females have horns.

Does a female Giraffe have horns?

Yes. Female giraffes have horns but males have a third horn in the center of their fore head below the other two horns.

What a female elephant called?

An elephant

Do female bison have horns?


Do female elk have horns?


Do female sheep have horns?

Yes, some species of female sheep, or ewes, do have horns e.g. such as the bighorn sheep.

How big are female water buffalo horns?

Female water buffaloes have horns that can be up to 3 ft long.

Do female giraffes have antlers?

Giraffe 'horns' are not actually called horns but 'ossicones' and both female and male giraffe have them.

Does a female moose have horns?

No - only the male or "bull" moose have horns.

What does a female sea elephant and a male sea elephant have different?

the male sea elephant is different from the female sea elephant because it has a pingas

How do you call a female elephant in French?

In French, a female elephant is une éléphante.

What three lettered word describes a female elephant?

A bull elephant is the maleA cow elephant is the femaleand a calf elephant is the juvenile.The leading cow elephant is the matriarch.

What do you call a young female elephant?


Can a bison kill an elephant?

No. An elephant would trample a bison to death. A bison could not gore its horns into the elephant because the elephant has thick skin to protect itself from injuries.

Do female cows have horns?

Yes. Both bulls and cows can have horns. Whether a particular sex has horns or not is a very poor method of telling whether a bovine is male or female.