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For my part, I only have one life. A cat may have more, although this is likely untrue. Furthermore, I am not a cat.

Festivals will enrich your life if you take something valuable away from them, like attending a cookery festival, you may acquire an amazing new technique for making a carrot cake, or at a sports festival, you may get you meet your sports star personally. Such things may enrich your life. If, however, you have been dragged along and you spend the day sulking in a corner, or pacing furiously, muttering curses, you will gain nothing other than resentment (although you could still then argue that you would have taken something away, but it is not enrichment as such).

Enrichment from festivals comes to those who embrace the concept, and are involved actively in the activity. Therefore, whether it does or not depends on your own attitude towards the festival. You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.

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This statement can be interpreted variously. It probably means that some people make contributions that enrich our lives, and other people only enrich the ground they are buried in.

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The noun forms of the verb to enrich are enricher, enrichment, and the gerund enrichment.

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how does literature enrich our culture?

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The United Way was founded in 1887. The organization is still active and helps people in need to enrich their lives.

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What difference would it make to the lives of religious believers if there were no religious festivals?

like ,childrens without parents.

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