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Birds do not commonly hibernate. They migrate to warmer areas during winter months. Fish do hibernate sometimes. They are also known to migrate.

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Do all fish and birds hibernate?

no because birds fly to a warmer place

Do mountain goats hibernate or migrate?

Neither. Not all animals hibernate or migrate. Fish and birds migrate and only a few mammals hibernate in regions with summer and winter.

Which birds hibernate?

birds like starlings and etc hibernate. by sunidhi

Do all birds hibernate?

no not all birds hibernate like,... ㅋㅋ

Do kingfishers hibernate?

No. Birds do not hibernate.

Does a crow hibernate?

No. No birds hibernate.

Do bald eagles hibernate or migrate?

they do not hibernate because they are birds and birds do not hibernate but the bald eagle does migrate

Does a kookaburra hibernate?

Kookaburras do not hibernate. No birds in Australia hibernate.

Do Canada geese hibernate?

No..Geese do not hibernate..Birds do not hibernate.

Do common blackbirds hibernate?

No. Birds do not hibernate.

Does a California Condor Hibernate?

No birds hibernate.

How long do clown fish hibernate?

Clown fish do not hibernate

When do seagulls hibernate?

i don't think birds hibernate

Where do hummingirds hibernate?

Humming birds do not hibernate they migrate.

Do rock hopper penguins hibernate?

No birds hibernate.

Do blackbirds hibernate in mud?

No, they are birds and do not hibernate at all.

Does a Florida scrub jay hibernate?

No. Birds do not hibernate.

How long does a bald eagle hibernate?

Eagles do not hibernate. Birds don't hibernate.

Does a bear hibernate or migrate?

hibernate. birds migrate.

What fish hibernate?

the fish hibernate inthe iced up water

Does a wild Shoe bill bird hibernate?

No birds hibernate.

Do clown fish migrate or hibernate?

yes they do hibernate. yes they do hibernate.

Do blue and gold macaws hibernate?

No the birds from the Amozon dont hibernate.

Do mocking birds hibernate?

Birds don't hibernate at all. They migrate to warmer areas during winter most of the time.

Do parrots hibernate?

No. There isn't any species of birds or parrots in that matter, that hibernate.