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Many species do, yes.

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Does a fish eat insects?

Yes some fish do

What do blow fish eat?

Blow fish eat corals,smallfish,insects.

What role does the fish play in their environment?

Some fish eat insects and some fish eat smaller fish.

What does a bluegill fish eat?

Insects, worms, small fish.

What do fish prey on?

Most fish eat seaweed and insects

What do fish in the Amazon river eat?

Other fish, algae, insects, shellfish.

What mud fish eat?

They eat smaller Fish, Insects, and small Marine life.

What do bog turtles eat?

They eat insects, fish, and worms

Do fish eat ants?

Some tropical fish (such as angelfish) do eat insects, but you should not feed them to a betta fish

What kind of insects do fish eat?


What do coots eat?

Fish, insects and plants.

What does a King Eagle eat?

Fish and insects.

What does the pirahna eat?

meat such as fish and insects

What do freshwater fish eat?

They eat vegatation in the water and some fish eat other fish. Many Freshwater fish also eat insects and freshwater crustaceans.

What does an Oscar fish eat?

Insects, insect larvae and small fish.

Do skunks eat fish?

No, skunks do not eat fish. They mostly eat small insects and some roots and berries.

What does trout eat?

insects and small fishCorn, insects and salmon eggs

What do insects eat in the fish ponds?

They do in water what other insects do on land and in the air. They eat plant life and other insects depending on their species.

What does a snowy egret eat?

snowy egerets eat fish insects

Does A frog fish eat?

Yes it does eat it eats flies and insects.

What do gray bat eat?

gray bats eat insects or fish

What organisms do trout eat?

Trout eat insects and small fish.

What does bluegill eat?

Bluegills eat insects, worms, tiny fish, fish eggs, even algae.

What is the Alaska blackfish predators and prey?

They eat insects and smaller fish and fish like pike eat them.

Do geckos eat fish because there is a pond in the yard full of minnows?

Gekos do not eat fish. They eat small insects.

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