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Do fish live in coral reefs?

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There are many fish in coral reefs

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yea...butterfly fish lives in coral reefs!

YES ,Tuna fish can live in coral reefs in sometimes

Some fish eat of the coral reefs, but they do not live on or in the coral reefs. But every fish living on or in the coral reef has a job to do that protects it from the intrudors.

Reef sharks and clown fish live near coral reefs!

Yes a clown fish live in coral reefs.

In the deep coral of reefs

Yes, Seahorses live in Coral reefs. Along with Sea anemones and Clown fish! Lots of animals live in Coral reefs. Almost the majority of animals that live in warm waters live in nice big Coral reefs

fish, sharks most fish live there

There are about 4000 types of fish that live in coral reefs.

Coral reefs provide homes for many kinds of fish and other sea creatures. Some of the things that live in coral reefs are fish, sea anemones, sharks, eels, octopi, and sea urchins.

They live in coral reefs around Australia

No, clown fish live in coral reefs.

Clownfish live on coral reefs.

To be protected from sharks and other fish. Also, to eat the coral reef

there is over 4000 species of fish living in the coral reef

in coral reefs around Australia

if you meant "Do ClownFish Live in Coral Reef Biomes?" The Answer is Yes they do.

Butterfly fish are from all over the world and live in the coral reefs.

There are a lot of creatures that live in coral reefs such as sponges, sea urchins, starfish, clams, marine and of course fish

fish such as angelfish barracudas clownfish

Coral reefs and the fish that live in them.

Coral reefs help fish by giving them homes, protection, and food

Lion fish live in coral reefs. Most coral reefs occur between 100 and 300 feet deep water.

the crown of thorns fish eat the coral reefs

Yes angelfish do live in the coral reefs.

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