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Well, between cold water and cold water.... I would have to say, Cold water 1) You mean cold water or hot water, and 2) Neither. I would go for lukewarm water. 1) You mean cold water or hot water, and 2) Neither. I would go for lukewarm water.

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Flowers will not grow with soda better than they will with water. The sugar and carbonation in soda can kill flowers.

Well veggies grow better in water. While flowers grow better in soil.

yes they do because sugar is a food for plants because of that it helps flowers grow.

i did a project on this and they grow better in cold

a plant will grow better in cold water because a plant is like a human being we refresh ourselves by drinking water usually cold water it is the exact same thing to a plant we give it water to grow

Putting cut flowers in a vase with water along with a small amount of vinegar and sugar will prolong the life of the flowers.

Regular water, salt water is likely to kill them (If it is very salty)

Any crystals grow better or bigger when they grow slower. Crystals that form in cold water are given a longer period of time and develop slower so they form bigger crystals.

flowers grow better outside because they have more sunshine then inside flowers do.

No plants or flowers will grow in gravel , they need soil to grow.

Water, plant food, fertilizer, rich soil and sunlight. sugar water but to much can hurt the flowers but can help the soil decompose

I've tried this experiment and the results were that plants grow better in cold water because hot water just ruins the plant cycle and photosynthesis

If you want flowers to grow on your cactus you are supposed to water your cactus.

the particles grow faster when they are in warm moist conditions. if the water is cold the particles slow down making the crystal not grow as well as in warm water

How petunia plants grow totally depends upon the amound of sun, water and fertilizer they receive.

Because weeds are better adapted to grow than planted flowers.

the colder it is the slower particles move

Flowers need sunlight to complete photosynthesis. Flowers need water because otherwise they will not grow.


Pansies are good flowers to grow in cold weather, but I don't know the very best, sorry!

Cold water in a river usally!

Celery can grow in both hot and cold water, It helps only slightly for plants to grow in warmer water.

flowers do not grow faster with salt water because if it is to salty or u put to much in the plant it will die so i think it will grow faster in regular water.

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