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Foxes are omnivores and eat a variety of plants and animals but I doubt that the fern is considered a delicacy by the fox.

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No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

Foxes primarily eat prairie dogs.

No, foxes do not eat humans.

No, foxes do not eat themselves.

No, foxes do not eat elephants.

No, but foxes will eat chickens.

Ferns are eaten by deer.

yes. foxes do eat skunks

yes!foxes do eat rabbits

No foxes dont eat deer.

yes foxes do eat grasshoppers :)

No. There are no species of kangaroos which eat foxes.

Yes, foxes will eat rabbits.

Yes, foxes will eat grouse.

No. Foxes and coyotes are too big for rattlesnakes to eat.

Grasshoppers eat ferns.Smaller rodents eat ferns.Bigger animals such as deer eat ferns.Toads or frogs eat ferns.I am not familiar with all the different varieties and types of fern but my "Russian Tortoise's found a certain species that my wife had growing in her flowerbed very appetizing.

No, not usually. They can eat various plants, but they don't tend to munch on ferns.

There is no such thing as black foxes - they are red foxes but with a black coat, therefore they eat what red foxes eat.

No, Kittiwakes eat marine organisms and do not eat foxes.

Arctic foxes and red foxes will kill and eat ermine occasionally.

Red foxes eat primarily meat.

Yes, foxes will eat partridges, if they can catch them.

Yes, foxes will eat snakes, if they can catch them.

Foxes will eat any bird they can catch.

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