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arctic foxes do not eat moose. they are much too large for the foxes to digest themselves. instead, they eat rodents,fish,lemmings and leftovers of larger predators

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no. moose do not eat foxes - dead or alive. moose are vegetarian.

Wolves do not kill and eat foxes even though they are carnivores. Wolves eat birds, mice, moose, elk and berries.

The Moose is a ruminant herbivore and not carnivorous.

No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

Foxes primarily eat prairie dogs.

Wolves or ticks will eat a moose.

No, moose do not eat carrots.

yimyimyams,foxes,doe,moose,bobcats,and birdsA lion eats primarily zebra, buffalo, and gazelles.

Moose are herbivores, they don't eat meat they eat plants. Bears , wolves and humans are the predators that eat moose.

No, moose are herbivores. They do not eat meat.

Moose are herbivores.Herbivores are animals that only eat plants. Moose eat shrubs,leaves,bark,and herbs!

No, foxes do not eat humans.

No, foxes do not eat themselves.

No, foxes do not eat elephants.

No, but foxes will eat chickens.

moose eat many types of plantsMoose eat underwater grass, seaweed, plants.

Moose eat the twigs, roots, bark, and shoots of woody plants. Moose are herbivores meaning they eat no meat.

no moose doesn't eat meat or if it does it can't eat owl

No, Moose are herbivores and therefore do not eat Hawks

No, moose are herbivores and therefore do not eat Turtle's.

Caribous do not eat moose they are vegetarians not omnivores

yes. foxes do eat skunks

Yes the moose do eat the corns. Moose generally feed on cereals, small plants and roots. The moose also eat the high bush cranberry.

yes!foxes do eat rabbits

No foxes dont eat deer.