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Identical twins do not have the same DNA; it is quite similar, but not exact.

fraternal twins are no more similar than sibling likenesses.

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In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

Identical twins are formed from a single egg that splits into two. Fraternal twins are formed from two separate eggs that are both separately fertilized. So identical twins have identical DNA, and fraternal twins do not.

There are two types of twins- fraternal and identical. Fraternal twins are only siblings born at the same time. Identical twins started as 1 egg that split in two after being fertilized. The DNA of identical twins is, well.... identical. At one point, they WERE the same person.

Fraternal twins can be either boys or girls, or a combination of one girl, one boy. They are different from identical twins, who share the same DNA and must be the same gender. Fraternal twins have their own unique DNA and while they may look similar, they are not identical in appearance.

Identical twins, due to the fact that the one fertilized egg splits, have identical DNA. Fraternal twins, since they are from separate eggs, have different DNA.

Yes. Fraternal twins are no more like genetically than any other sibling combo, while identical twins will have very, very close to the same DNA.

No. They have to come from the same egg and sperm to have the same DNA (and be identical). Fraternal twins are non identical twins and come from two separate eggs.

Fraternal twins share most of their genetic material, by virtue of having the same parents. Identical twins, however, by definition share 100% of their DNA. This means, for example, that identical twins cannot ever be one of each gender, as fraternal twins often are.

No? They have their own unique DNA- two different eggs two different sperms cells. Identical twins- shares the same DNA, same chromosomes.

Fraternal twins come from separate eggs and are no more alike than regular siblings while identical twins come from the same egg splitting into two and have identical DNA.

Identical twins are the result of a single fertilized embryo splitting in two at an early stage and forming two viable embryos. As such, identical twins have identical DNA. Fraternal twins are the result of two distinct fertilized embryos being viable. As such, they have different DNA. They could even be different sexes.

Identical twins will have the same father, so a paternity test is done just like for any kid. With fraternal twins, it is possible, but very, very rare, to have different fathers for the babies.

Brother or sister it doesn't matter they share an average of 50% of their DNA and identical twins DNA share 100%. Fraternal twins still share on average of 50% of their DNA.

Assuming you're referring to twins, identical twins come from the same fertilized cell that broke into two clumps of cells early in its development and so have identical DNA. Fraternal (non-identical) twins come from from two different cells that were fertilized by two separate sperm and while they develop at the same time, they each have unique DNA.

Monozygotic (Identical or Maternal) twins are identical because they came from the same egg and were split after conception but before fetal development. Identical twins have nearly identical DNA, however, environmental factors may switch genes on and off, differences are more pronounced as the twins age. Dizygotic (Fraternal) twins are not identical. They are as different as any other siblings.

Identical twins are born when a single fertilized egg splits and develops into two fetuses. Fraternal twins are born when two separate eggs are released and fertilized. Identical twins take a long time to separate within the womb, and sometimes they don't separate entirely (conjoined twins). If doctors observe the two fetuses are connected at any point, that means identical twins. You can also do a DNA test on the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetuses. If there are two sets of DNA present, it means fraternal twins. If there is only one unique set of DNA, it means identical twins.

not evenclose, a clone doesn't even have the exact same DNA as the original

Identical twins (monozygotic) occur when a single egg, fertilized by a single sperm, splits into two identical halves. Two separate babies with identical DNA are formed. Identical twins are always the same sex and blood type.

Identical twins do have the same blood group, because they have the same DNA. One egg and one sperm create two people. Fraternal twins may not have the same, though they could, because they have different sets of DNA. Two different eggs, two different sperm, two different people.

Its a combination of your mom's and you dad's. Identical twins have the same dna

No, unless they are identical twins.

Only if you are identical twins.

IDENTICAL TWINS splash from 1 fertilized egg and flaternal twins splash from 2 fretilized eggs.identical twins have same DNA while flaternal twins do not have same DNA.

Identical twins are twins that develop from same egg. These twins have same genome, also they have same physical appearance with minimal differences.

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