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yes but it depends if its freezer burned because that could taste real bad

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Are french fries good with ketchup?

I think French fries taste horrible with ketchup

Why do french fries taste good?

because is fatty, oily..

What lake taste good with french fries?

Salt lake

Why are french fries popular?

Because they taste good to most people.

Are McDonald's french fries bad?

McDonalds french fries are bad for you because of the fact that they are fried and have a lot of salt on them, but they do taste very good!

What do french fries taste like?

They taste like heaven!

What made french fries taste good?

I'm guessing salt? But a good amount, too much makes it taste bad and is unhealthy.

What does french fries taste like with out salt?

fried potatoes.

What is a food doesn't taste right without salt?

french fries

Can you eat frozen french fries after thad and refrozen?

You can, but they taste awful.

Are french fries good for you?

While French fries taste delicious to millions of Americans and millions of others across the world, they are in no way good for you. Yes, they are technically a vegetable, but any nutritional value quickly disappears when you deep fry them and add all the sodium. French fries in moderation, however, won't do you much harm. Happy eating!

What are some advantages of french fries?

There are many advantages of French fries such as the fact that they're a good filler. These fries are also very cheap.

Why do french fries taste bad after they've been in the fridge?

Fries contains lots of fats which grow stale while cooling down. French fries are not supposed to be put in the fridge, but to be eaten right after cooking.

What are russet potatoes good for?

French fries

Why was French fries named French fries?

because french Fries were discoved by the french and also because they wanted to make a taste little treat so they can sell it at fast food restaurants and get a quick money by making people like it so they can buy it and mack people like it

Do chicken nuggets french fries and a cheeseburger go good together?

Taste wise they would however health wise generally avoiding all of those is a good idea.

What is the most unheathy food?

French fries french fries french fries

Why do french fries have so much fat?

Properly prepared French fries should not contain huge amounts of fat. Properly cooked French fries should not leave a greasy taste in the mouth. But all deep fried foods, including French fries, will contain more fat than foods cooked by other methods.

Are french fries processed food?

French fries are both. You have processed fries, and you have natural cut fries. Processed fries go through many processes and machinery to get as good tasting as they are. Natural cut fries are just sliced and put in the oven, such as Wendy's fries or home fries.

Is cold french fries still regular fried french fries?

Yes, cold french fries are regular french fries which have cooled.

French term good taste?

"Good taste" in French is "bon goût" (pronounced boh-goo)

Are french fries good for your health?

If their baked they can be good for you but not if there deep fried.

How many french fries are in 24 pounds of french fries?

24 pounds of french fries

Why does salt taste less salt with vinegar on fries?

vinegar dissolves the salt making it taste less salty and more vinegary or more like plain French Fries ( depends how much vinegar you put in )

Where does the French in french fries come from?

The word french in french fries comes from the inventor of french fries which i do not no at the moment but given that french fries were created by a french man which i know for a fact that may be were the french comes from.

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