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Do frogs eat moths?

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frogs eat insects, such as moths

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Do sand frogs eat moths?

Sand frogs will eat a variety of insects. They will eat mainly worms, but will eat moths on occasion. They may also eat other frogs.

What do frogs eat in summer?

Frogs eat flys moths and bugs

What plants do frogs eat?

Frogs do not eat plants. They are carnivorous, and eat moths, flies, crickets, and sometimes, other frogs.

What is the enemy of a moth?

strong electricity. and lightbulbs. and frogs. don't forget frogs. frogs eat moths. dogs and cats attack the moths too.

Does frogs eat green tomatoes?

No! Frogs do not eat human food for they are carnivores.. They eat flies, moths, mealworms, worms, and grub.

What do frogs like to eat?

Frogs like to eat meat. If the frogs are of small or average, they eat flies, moths and other small insects. But if the frogs are large, they eat bigger insects such as worms and grasshoppers.

Are there any animals that like to eat owl moths?

Insect eating bats eat owl moths. So do some lizards and frogs. :)

What plant do frogs eat?

Frog dont eat plants they eat cricket moths flies ect.

Do red eyed tree frogs eat plants?

No. Red eyed tree frogs eat crickets, grasshoppers, moths and other invertebrates.

What do you feed tree frogs?

mostly green tree frogs eat live crickets and they sometimes eat some flys and they will also eat moths sometimes

What do frogs survive on?

Different kinds of moths and bugs. they will also eat crickets.

Are red eyed tree frogs herbivores?

No, they are Carnivores that eat crickets, flies, grasshoppers, and moths. Sometimes they even eat smaller frogs! :-O

What do motorbike frogs eat?

We feed our motorbike frogs crickets, roaches and moths.......One of our motorbike frogs ate another one that was alot smaller.

What does a tree frog eat?

Tree frogs eat the following: Crickets,Moths, A treefrog usually eat grasshopper, butterfly and slug.

How do you know if a frog from the backyard will eat an earthworm?

All frogs and toads eat earthworms. They also eat some beetles and moths.

What do rainforest tree frogs eat?

flies moths worms grasshoppers crickets ants tadpoles

What do frogs eat and what eats frogs?

Frogs will eat flies, worms, crickets, moths, and other insects. Or, if there is another frog nearby that is small enough to swallow, that frog will be eaten. Snakes, birds, bigger frogs, mongooses, rats, raccoons, and others eat frogs. However, bigger frogs will eat (almost) any animal they can fit in their mouth.

What do red eyed frogs eat?

Red-eyed tree frogs are carnivorous and eat crickets, moths, flies, and other insects, and have been known to eat other small frogs. For froglets, fruit flies and pinhead crickets are the meals of choice.

What do water frogs eat in New England?

Most frogs eat any insects they can catch as well as small fish and other frogs. Beetles and grasshoppers as well as crickets are favorites and as most frogs are nocturnal they also include moths and flying insects in their diets.

Do kookaburras eat moths?

Kookaburras could, conceivably, eat moths. Kookaburras are carnivorous, feeding on invertebrates such as insects, spiders, worms, centipedes and crustaceans. They also eat vertebrates such as reptiles, fish, frogs and even small birds and mammals. Moths tend to be nocturnal, and kookaburras are diurnal, so this would limit whether or not kookaburras ate moths.

What do tree frogs depend on?

Tree frogs depend on fly 's , moths or smaller frogs.

what does a glass frog eat and how much?

they eat small critters like moths, Flies, Crickets, Spiders, and other small frogs as well

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

What do pine barrons tree frogs eat?

In the larval stage pine barrens tree frogs eat vegetation or algae in the water. Adults catch flies, small slugs, snails, beetles, butterflies or moths.

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