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Of course. Animals of any sort range in size. The "average" adult size of a guinea pig is about 2 1/2 lbs, but they can be bigger or smaller depending on many factors, including genetics.

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Q: Do full grown guinea pigs range in size?
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How big is a full grown guinea pig in inches?

guinea pigs range in size mostly depending what breed they are

Does full grown guinea pigs drink milk?

No, they do not, i myself own 2 full-grown guinea pigs so I would know

Do male baby guinea pigs have balls?

They do have testicles but are much smaller than a full grown guinea pigs.

How many full grown guinea pigs does it take to pull a car?

tried and tested. 1000 guinea pigs exactly.

What do hamsters and guinea pigs have in common with their size?

a full grown hamster and a full grown guinea pig are absolutely nothing alike in size my guinea pigs are almost the size of small rabbits the only time they would be simmilar in size is if you had a like 4 week old guinea pig and a full grown male teddybear hamster lol

Can old guinea pigs swim?

A full grown healthy guinea pig CAN swim but not babies or old ones.

How heavy is a full grown guinea pig How heavy is a full grown guinea pig?

guinea pigs can vary in size.900 - 1200 grams ........... males700 - 900 grams ............. femalesweigh your guinea pig regularly

How many inches long do full grown guinea pigs get?

6-10 inches

How much are guinea pigs supposed to weigh?

Fully grown female guinea pigs should weigh about one pound, and fully grown male guinea pigs should weigh about two pounds.

Can guinea pigs swim?

yes guinea pigs can swim but baby guinea pigs cannot so don't try to put your baby guinea pig in the water! but even full grown guinea pigs do not like to swim they can only do it for a short period of time and it puts alot of stress on them! so baith your guinea pig at your own risk!

How many pounds do Guinea pigs weigh?

Guinea pigs generally weigh about 2-4 pounds full-grown. They can however become over-weight if they do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

How old are Guinea Pigs when they are fully grown?

About 9 months

How big is full grown sea pig?

There are four very different types of animals that are referred to as "sea pigs": Dolphins, dugongs (manatees), sea cucumbers, and guinea pigs.

How much do guinea pigs weight?

Full grown female should be no more than 900 grams, about 2 pounds, and more than 700 grams. Full grown males should be no more than 1200 grams, and more than 800. Full grown!

How do you tell your guinea pigs age?

If they're fully grown you can't.

Can you give a grown guinea pig milk?

No, guinea pigs should not eat or drink dairy products.

Why hasn't my guinea pig grown any in 2 years?

It's fully grown. Guinea Pigs only grow to a certain mature size.

Are guinea pigs harmful?

No they get scared and some times bite i love guinea pigs well hope this i help full from,guineapigpepper

What age do guinea pigs walk?

guinea pigs are born full functional they are miniature versions of there parents with proportionally big heads

Do guinea pigs eat at night?

Yes guinea pigs eat at night. Their food bowl should always be full because of this.

How long should you keep the mum and dad guinea pigs together for?

Until the mum(mom) is pregnate then they stay away until the babies are full grown

Will guinea pigs have milk already?

If you mean as in to feed there babies yes. If you're talking about giving grown guinea pigs milk don't ever give them milk.

How can you tell if its a baby guinea pig or a grown up?

Baby guinea pigs will usually fit right into the palm of your hand, and have quite large feet; adult guinea pigs are easily the size of a football.

At what age do male guinea pigs mature?

Male guinea pigs can succesfully imprenate a female guinea pig at (I believe)only 8 weeks of age, however it takes about 9 months for the guinea pig to be fully grown.

When does a guinea pig become a senior?

guinea pigs are pretty much fully grown once they are 5 months old