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Yes, garden gnomes do come to life.

In your dreams:P

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No, gnomes cannot come to life.

elves or gnomes same thing. some people decorate there garden to be a fantasy land or just like the elves as plain decoration to bring life to it.

No! Evil gnomes are not cute. They are arbiters of pixie doom. Get rid of gnomes in your life by learning to spot their evil influences in the first place! You will quite often be sitting in your yard when you see a tiny sparkle come from their eye. That proves... they are up to something mischevious! Not to mention, their laughs are as creepy as ever! SOme say, treat them nicely and they will be your friend.

No. Dolls can come to life you just have to use your imagination :) x

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No they are stuffed animals!

music for life in a cottage garden who did it

round of applause ft drake ferrari & maybach ft rick ross & gucci mane garden gnomes ft tyler the creator swish ft roscoe dash & gorilla zoe & chrissa

you can't really make it come to life just imagine

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Garden State Life Insurance Company was created in 1956.

they don't. Pokemon don't really exist.

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If the tree is really dead it cannot come back to life but another may grow in the same place from an acorn.

It's all a part of life, but really, what goes in has to come out!

No, i am so sorry. She's really dead. :'(

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One can buy Garden of Life vitamins directly from the Garden of Life store or online store. One can also buy them from Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, or any local health or drug store.

Not really because after your life will be a dream. So becareful!

The secret garden brings everyone back to life

Nobody can come back to life really. We see a few characters again but none of them are alive. Dumbledore talks to Harry as does his parents, Sirius and Remus.

Life is what it is. and with luck you can make it approach what you want it to be, Fair and unfair really doesn't come in to it. Thats not you say it.. you should be happy with what you have..

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