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This is calling being out. Some gay people in the world are out, but most are not.

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What is it like to be gay?

It's like being straight - only with an attraction to people of the same sex.The only thing that makes it different is that it's completely accepted by everyone to be straigt, and not everyone is accepting of people being gay.

How do you know if being gay is a phase?

Ha! That's what they tell you in the hope that amazingly you'll change back into a straight person. People don't usually "go through a phase" of being gay. They may spend some time wondering in their teens if their penis is as big as everyone else's but that isn't being gay.

How many gay people have jobs?

== Just as most straight people have jobs, about the same ratio of gay people have jobs. Being gay does not change your ability to perform work or get paid like everyone else.

How do you stop being scared of gay people?

First, try to understand the reasons behind your fear. Second, get to know someone who is gay, and you'll realize that gay people are just like everyone else.

How can you tell if gay people hit on you?

if you can tell if a gay people arw hit on you if they say that you are hot aer if that jok with you that how you cna tell if a gay is hiting on you

Is the person you have asked about gay?

You can't tell by looking at someone if they're gay or not. Many gay people keep it a secret till they are confident enough to tell other people. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed about, but some gay people have had crimes committed against them, only because it was known they were gay. WikiAnswers has no way of knowing the answer to your question unless that person has 'come out' and told people that he or she is gay. 36

Is it OK to act straight until you are ready to come out?

It is OK to act any way you want. Don't think that all gay people "act gay". Most gay people act just the same as everyone else. You can't tell a gay person by just looking at them. They have to let you know they are gay. They might do this by telling you, or they might decide to "act gay" because they want you, or everyone, to know. But gay people are everywhere: bus drivers, doctors, delivering mail, farming, lawyers and judges, teachers and students. But you can't tell by looking at them.

Why do gay peple like men?

gay people like everyone.

Is Maury Povich gay?

Yes, he is totally gay. You can just tell. I'm gay and I can tell when other people are gay, and Maury is gay.

Who is the lord of gay people?

There are gay people in every country of the world, and everyone has different beliefs.

Is dance for gay people?

Dancing is for everyone.

How can you tell if you have a gay piercings?

People are gay; piercings are not.If you gotta ask...*IMPROVED ANSWER- The easiest way to tell if your piercing is gay, IS- are you gay??

Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

Can you get a transplant if you are gay?

of course. Gay people are the same as everyone else in the world.

Can you die being gay?

Yes, all gay people die being gay, just as all straight people die being straight.

Can you have your child taken away from you if you're gay?

no.. you can not everyone has a right to chose whichever type of people you like therefore you cannot get your child tooken away for being gay.

Why do gay people not admit they are gay?

There are many reasons, such as bullying, fear of being kicked out of home, and fear of being rejected from religion. These are some Of the things that gay, bi, and lesbian people have to deal with. I'm gay and I've only told my best friends and my mom and for that reason is that because that why I have some friends that I can share my true self with and I don't have to deal with all of that. So yeah that's why some gay people don't admit it.Another viewThere may be other reasons too. Not everyone is fully aware of their sexual orientation. Also, not all gay folks feel this burning need to tell everyone. They are secure enough in themselves that they don't need to tell others, wear it on their sleeves, nor receive affirmation from others.In addition, gay folks from the previous generation tend to believe in discretion.

Where are gay people allowed?

Gay people are not prevented from being anywhere.

Why do gay people hate being called gay?

The gay people I know don't hate being called gay. Young people use the word gay in an offensive way. This is abuse and bullying and good people never do it.

Do gay people have a future?

Yes. Everyone has a future.

Can you prevent the future from happening by getting everybody to turn gay?

No you can't.First of all, it is not possible for anyone to "turn gay". People are either born gay or they are not. Only a small percentage of the population is gay, and the all rest are stuck being straight for their whole lives.Second, even if everyone were gay, reproduction would still be easily accomplished. Contrary to some ignorant opinions, gay people can and do have children.

Should you treat gay people like everyone else?

Gay people already are like everyone else. As long as you're treating everyone fairly and with kindness, then you're doing the right thing.

How do you tell if a straight man is leaning toward being gay?

Straight men, by definition, do not lean toward being gay. It's impossible. If a man is gay, then he is gay.

Why does everyone think Justin bieber is gay?

People say he's gay because they are too shallow,blind, and jealous to call him straight. the only TRUE SIGN of being demented is if you are losing your mind and calling Justin Bieber gay! What is with you people?!

How can you tell if people are gay?

Ask them