Do giraffes eat bamboo?

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Can you eat the bamboo shoots from black bamboo?

Answer . The shoots from most bamboo are edible although some varieties contain hydrocyanic acid which can be removed by boiling. There are varieties of bamboo known for their taste. Black bamboo should be edible but it may not taste any good.

Can tadpoles eat bamboo shoots?

Tadpoles are mostly omnivorous, and what they will eat depends largely on the species. Boiled bamboo shoots are probably suitable, because their mouthparts often cannot cut something as fibrous as bamboo. I have raised countless tadpoles on fish food flakes and boiled lettuce. Find out what they are ( Full Answer )

Why do pandas eat bamboo?

Pandas eat bamboo when they're on a diet. They also eat eggs when available. Pandas that live in the zoo eat a special type of biscuit made by zoo workers. Caus they like it. they eat the bamboo because i guess its a type of protain to them and they injoy it it is also good for them ok so i hope ( Full Answer )

Can horses eat bamboo?

Horses should not eat this, they can but it is not advised because it is hard for them to digest and can cause colic.

How do pandas eat bamboo?

they strip the bamboo into slices; they eat it from the side of their mouth.

Do pandas only eat bamboo?

No they eat grass sometimes fish and some small mammals and little plants. they eat a little meat such as rabbits and rats Yes, it is the only food they eat. No, they eat bugs too! In zoos they eat bamboo and rice cake In the wild the mainly eat bamboo No , Pandas eat other foods beside bamboo altho ( Full Answer )

What do giraffes eat?

plants, leaves giraffes eat trees in the savannas The giraffe browses on the twigs of trees, preferring plants of the Mimosa genus; . Feeds selectively on leaves of more than 100 trees and shrubs, especially acacia and combretum species.. For the source and more detailed information conce ( Full Answer )

What species of bamboo do pandas eat?

There isn't a species they eat but there is just bamboo. Bamboo isn't the only thing pandas eat there are 20 species of bamboo that pandaz eat, like sword bamboo and umbrella bamboo.

What do pandas eat besides bamboo?

A panda will eat almost any plants that their instincts don't think are bad. Despite the fact that Giant Panda's are actually classified as carnivores, their diet mainly consists of bamboo. They will eat fish, eggs, and other meat if it is available. Pandas are not known to be cannibalistic and just ( Full Answer )

What eats a giraffe?

Lions, if hungry enough, may attack giraffes in an attempt totopple them off their feet. But there is usually easier prey. Not many animals would try to eat a giraffe because it is so large.A lion may have a go at an adult, but it would be more likely anattack by a pack. Baby giraffes, on the other ( Full Answer )

Do koala bears eat bamboo?

Koalas are not bears. Koalas only eat from a dozen or so particular types of eucalyptus leaves and flowers, and nothing else.

How do giraffes eat?

Giraffes are browsers because they don't eat off the ground and normally eat of high trees. Giraffe's usually inhabit Savannas and Grasslands that are abundant in trees like Acacia, Commiphora, Combretum etc. They browse on twigs of tree, preferringt he Acacia, Commiphora and Terminalia. They also f ( Full Answer )

What kind of animals eat bamboo?

There are three kinds of animals that feed on bamboo. Perhaps themost known is the Giant Panda of China. The red panda of Nepal andbamboo lemurs of Madagascar also feed on the plant.

Can you eat giraffe?

Clearly it's a edible meat - giraffe isn't poisonous - but they are becoming endangered or at least threatened animals and aren't commercially farmed, so why would you want to eat them?

Why do giant pandas eat bamboo?

Because where they grow up, it's what they got used to eating, and now it's what they eat because they're only used to it. Pandas are also vegetarian, so yeah.

What eat giraffes?

Due to their sheer size, adult Giraffe's are not vulnerable to predators like leopards, hyenas, wild dogs etc. However, large lion packs headed by large Adult Male lions have been known to hunt down a full grown giraffe. But, this is very rare. On the other hand, calf's are very vulnerable to predat ( Full Answer )

Do pandas eat bamboo?

Yes they eat the leaves of the stem. Yes, and a lot of other things

What do bamboo bats eat?

From :. "The Bamboo Bat...will forage at night for flying insects, particularly termite swarms."

Can you eat bamboo?

as a human i would recommend not because it may hurt a Lot .the only reason pandas can eat it is because they have a special coting in there digestive system so they cant get splinters or anything.

Can guppies eat bamboo?

If bamboo is present where guppies are, the fish could easily get bits of algae, rotifers etc from amongst the bamboo shoots. They are unlikely to actually eat the bamboo.

How long does it take to eat a bamboo?

for a panda, about twelve hours. for us, well, our teeth arent really durable enough for bamboo, so i dont really know what your asking.

When do giraffes eat?

the giraffe usually eats twice a day and it eats in the morning and at night just like us !! !lol!! ;p

Do sloths eat bamboo?

no they live in south america, no bamboo. it could grow there, but there is none there naturally and there fore it is not part of the sloth's diet

Do koalas eat bamboo?

No, koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves and occasionally the flowers. Koalas are not bears, and not related to pandas, which are mammals that do eat bamboo.

How does giraffes eat?

They have long necks, which enables them to reach the uppermost leaves on trees, where other animals cannot reach. The prehensile tongue then grasps the leaves, and pulls them into its mouth.

What do bamboo eat?

Bamboo is a plant so it gets its nutrients through photosynthesis. Basically, plants take carbon dioxide and turn it into sugars and other organic compounds using the energy they receive from sunlight. If your question was "What eats bamboo?" the answers are: giant pandas, red pandas, Mountain Gor ( Full Answer )

What eats a bongo in the bamboo forest?

A bongo is preyed upon by leopards, lions, and hyenas in the bambooforest of Africa. A bongo is a large antelope native to differentparts of Africa.

Does raccoon eat bamboo plants?

Raccoons will eat almsot anything, but bamboo is not a natural part of their diet. they would probably have to be pretty hungry before they ate bamboo.

Where does the giraffe eat?

The giraffe will commonly eat in its habitat which is usually inthe grasslands. The main diet of the giraffe is twigs from trees.

Do kolalas eat bamboo?

No. They eat eucalyptus leaves, which give them all the water and food they need to survive.

Do elephants eat bamboo?

Yes. Mai Pai Paa Bamboo shoots, seedlings and leaves are the favorite food for elephants. Mai Sang Leaves, bamboo shoots and seedlings can be eaten. This is the type of bamboo the elephants like the most. Mai Phak It is the biggest leaf of bamboo. Seedlings, bamboo shoots and leaves can be edibl ( Full Answer )

Why do pandas eat lots of bamboo?

pandas eat a lot of bamboo because bamboo is 90% water. So a little amount of bamboo will not fill up the pandas stomach, there fore it spends out lazily eating bamboo. 10-15 to be exact.

How do you eat a giraffe?

Well you have to find one, cut it , take the blood and bones out, take the skin ( if you want), and the hair off, take out eyes , ears and nose,fry it.

Do mice eat bamboo?

Some mice do, depends on what climate they live in or what their nature is

Does pandas just eat bamboo?

A panda's daily diet consists almost entirely of the leaves,stems and shoots of various bamboo species. Bamboo contains very little nutritional value so pandas must eat 12-38kg every day to meet their energy needs. But they do branch out, with about 1% of their diet comprising otherplants ( Full Answer )

Do giraffes eat?

yes, they eat leaves with their massive pink tongues and use their long necks to reach the tops of tall trees

Why does the red pandas eat bamboos?

Red pandas feeds mainly on bamboo, but is omnivorous and may also eat eggs, birds, insects, and small mammals. They also eat any other available food like sugar cane, rice gruel, carrots and fruits.

What does a Bengal Bamboo plant eat?

i really don't know the answer but i need to know for my science biome project. Can anyone please help me on this? i don't have much time. Please? Edited answer: The bengal Bamboo plant needs N, P,K as basic nutrients and other micronutrients required for the normal growth of a plant.

What does a bamboo plant eat?

Bamboo, like most plant species, does not exactly eat anything; it absorbs nutrients from the environment, chiefly water and minerals dissolved in the water, and carbon dioxide from the air.

Can llama eat bamboo?

No. Why would you ever feed a llama bamboo? They eat grass and hay... If you want to feed an animal bamboo, buy a panda.

Do pandas love to eat bamboo?

Probably, because they eat so much of it, sure. Another thing pandas love is to play with others.

Why do koalas eat bamboo?

They don't. Koalas feed almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves and flowers. They do not, and cannot, eat bamboo, which requires different types of teeth and a different digestive system from what the koala has.

What kind of bamboo do bamboo rats eat?

Rhizomys species construct extensive burrow systems among roots of densebamboo stands, where they feed primarily on bamboo roots.

What do bamboo shrimp eat?

they eat algae and some will like powdered fry food that you can buy. Hope this helps x :)

Can skunks eat bamboo leaves?

Yes, skunks can eat bamboo leaves, they eat a variety of plants aswell as a variety of fruits, vegetables, and small animals.

Does bamboo eat meat?

Bamboo is a type of tall growing grass. If the question isreferring to something else named bamboo, then more information isrequired.