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Well, each girl has her own preferences. When looking at popularly liked traits girls look for, the two that stand out are "Funny" and "kind." Looks can play a big role, but doesn't always do the job. Only girls that aren't worth your time will go for you solely for the looks. So if you are asking if you would be popular among the girls for playing sports, not really.

If you are looking for a girl that would be interested in you for sports, look for a girl on your same sport. Runners usually date runners, Basketball players for basketball players, and yade yade yade.

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The popular conception is that many do. However, some girls, particularly as they get older, are less enthusiastic about boys who are in sports teams because of stereotypes of self-absorption and bad behavior.

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Q: Do girls like guy's that play sport's?
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Do guys like girls who play sports?

Some guys find playing sports an attractive characteristic in a girl, but sadly, some boys feel that girls who play sports aren't feminine enough or feel threatened by her ability.

Do girls like to watch guys play with each other like guys like to watch girls?

Well, it is sometimes better to play with the guys as much as girls especially if you are tomboy. Then it is better because you get to spend more time with the guy. If you like a guy but do not like sports then you should try FLIRTING!

Questions to ask guys?

whats your name? where were you born? do you play any sports or instruments? what kind of girls do you like?

What sports can girls play without guys complaing?

Softball would be one because most guys are all about Baseball but girls can play softball without guys complaining...

What were greek sports like?

Ok greek sports were like soccer and stuff. But guys were pretty much the only people who could play. When the guys did play they played nacked so the girls were not allowed. This was around the ancient greek times.

Do 13 year old boys like girls that play sports?

It really depends what the guy is like. I'm a 12 year old girl who plays a lot of sports and likes sports. I know some guys that like sports but don't like sporty girls. Some guys do, some guys don't. I'd just say do what you think is right, if the guys doesn't like you, it's his loss. Good Luck.

What sports can girls play with out guys?

Volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, softball, field hockey, hockey, and barrel racing are all sports girls can participate in without guys.

What kids do on their own time?

boys and some girls like to play sports. Its very common to see kids playing sports. most girls like to hang out and talk or flirt with cute guys

Boys do you like girls who act rough try to play tough sports ect or do you like the girls who act like girls?

A very commonly asked question. It all depends on the guy. I personally like a girl that is a little of both. One that likes sports but at the same time acts like a girl. One thing that guys really dislike, are the girls that pretend to be into sports. Guys like girls to be honest, just as much as girls like guys to be honest. Just be yourself and then you can take time to focus and improve the relationship, instead of worrying about how to act. .

Why is girls sports not as advertise than guy sports?

Guys sports have been around longer than girls sports and some people think that girls shouldnt play sports. there really is no reason some people think it has to do with the fact the guys are more competitive than girls so its more intersting

Can girls play sports with guys without complaining?

of course!! just depends on the girls. we can play sport just as good as guys {if not better!} :) Xo thanks for rewording my answer. lol

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