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Personally, I think that that is gross but that's just my opinion and I can't speak for all girls.

Answeroooof, how can any girl like that... AnswerIt's not that having shaved arms is a turn off, its that a guy would care about their appearance enough TO shave his arms that is a turn off. Don't do it unless you've got a real excuse, like if you're a swimmer.
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Q: Do girls like guys who shave their arms?
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Do girls like when guys shave there balls?

Your mom did

Do guys like girls that don't shave?

Depends on the person.

Do girls like guys to shave there hairs?

It all depends on the girl.

Do girls like it when guys shave their legs?

Some do, most don't.

Do guys like when girls shave?

There's somthing wrong with the guy if he doesn't......

How much pubic hair do guys like girls to shave?

guys like all women to be completely shaven , the majority of guys only like a lady to have hair on her head no were else

Is it gay to shave your arms and thighs?

For me .. I shave my thighs b/c im not use having hair there but arms is different... It's isn't gay but you shouldn't Shave your arms b/c girls like that and it give you a look where your a man and not just a lil boy ..

Do girls like it when guys shave their pubic hair?

I like it when my guy shaves because i think its gross when he doesnt. (:

Do girls like guys to shave their balls?

A big majority yeah... But for all you know some girls might like it. Every girl is different.

Is it better to be shaved or unshaved?

Well Girls like it Shaved And Guys like Girls Shaved but There is no Medical Reason for a Person to Shave it unless they Are Directed to.

Do guys like girls wearing a bikini even if the girls have some acne on their arms and back?


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It varies but remember high and tight this isn't the 70's anymore. girls like it either shaved or trimmed.

Do guys prefer when girls shave their pubic hair?

I'm a guy and I like a good bush. But it is up to you.

What sort of guys do girls like?

kind boys big arms your look

Do 14 year old girls like guys who shave there balls?

A fourteen year old shouldn't even see a guys balls. So, the answer is no

Are girls suppose to shave their vaginas?

It is all up to the girl. FYI guys don't like there women to be "hairy".

Do guys like when girls shave their pubic?

that depends,most do.But their are some fetishes were a bush is meant to stay!

How can you shave or cut the hair on your arms?

I shave the hair on my arms, and it's perfectly fine. You just have to shave it like every two days at least.

Do Persian girls like Asian guys?

Yes, they find them extremely attractive. Especially ones who dont shave their legs.

Do girls like guys with huge arms?

depends on the girl. me personally I hate it. but others have different opinions. Answer yee i usually dont like guys with huge arms.. i usuua;lly like the ones that are more scawney , like some guys at my school are soccer players and there all scawney so i tend to like them better == == I like guys who have thinner, but still toned, arms.

How can you ask your mom if you can shave?

you just say "mum can i shave" But the answer depends on where if it is under arms then be like "mum can i shave my under arms they are really hairy and i dont wanna go to the pool like this"

How do guys hug girls they like?

Grab her by the waist after you wrap your arms around her and hold her tight!

Do girls like guys to shave around there dicks?

Most... yes they do. Ask if she likes a beard on your face and if she says no she mostlikely doesnt like it on your penis.

Do girls want guys to shave pubes?

It depends on the person. In my opinion I like a guy shaved, or at least trimmed down a bit.

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