Do girls or boys have it harder in school?

Girls-definitely!!! They go through not just one or two but MANY hormonal stages!!!!!!!!! Girls also go through friendship problems. Wikki Wikki!!

Another perspective:

Nope, it is boys. The school system is setup to allow girls to excel faster and better than boys. Ranging from kindergarten to graduation high school. There are only a few classes where boys could get a better grade than girls.

If you did your research and read about 100 or so other websites, about this, you would come to the same conclusion as I. This new system has been in the works for over 20 years.... American, Europe, Canada, and other countries as well.

And another perspective:

Its equal. Guys have there own troubles, as do girls. Yes, girls may have hormonal stages, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it makes school harder for them, though it may for a few. Both have there own pressures, and many similar ones.

To the later answer above me, the school system is not setup to allow girls to excess faster and better - girls just do. In fact, if anyone is being helped to exceed faster, it is boys. Many colleges are now accepting males more easily than females to ensure a 50/50 ratio. Colleges are now nearly 60% female, not because girls are given it easier (as the males are with easier acceptance), but because they are simply outperforming males.