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no they not

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Q: Do girls shave under their arms?
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Where can you shave?

women's can shave under it's under arms

Should girls shave their arms?

It all depends on what the girl feels comfortable with. But there is certainly no "need" or pressure to shave the arms.

Do girls shave their arms?

No, but some girls who have dark hair on their arms, wax it. It all just depends on the girl.

How can you ask your mom if you can shave?

you just say "mum can i shave" But the answer depends on where if it is under arms then be like "mum can i shave my under arms they are really hairy and i dont wanna go to the pool like this"

What is the difference between how guys and girls shave?

There really isn't much difference. Girls shave their legs, thighs, and under their arms. Guys shave their facial hair. Both men and women shave their pubic region by choice but it is typically not standard to do so. Females have a shaved pubic region more so than men do.

How can you get rid of hair under your arms?

Just cut it with scissors or shave it

What are girls supposed to shave?

We Can Shave everywhere where we have hair. It can be Upper Lip, Pubic Hair, Armpits, Arms, Legs, back, ect

For girls who shave their arms do they go past their elbow then where to stop?

visit the following URL

Is it gay to shave your arms and thighs?

For me .. I shave my thighs b/c im not use having hair there but arms is different... It's isn't gay but you shouldn't Shave your arms b/c girls like that and it give you a look where your a man and not just a lil boy ..

Does Bill Kaulitz shave under his arms?

They all do! Yes, Bill shaves under his does Gustav. They shave because they sweat so much when they're on stage & having under arm hair would probably be uncomfortable :-]

Can you shave in basic training?

You are required to shave your face in Basic Training (BCT) if you are a man. If you are a woman and are inquiring about your legs and under your arms, then no, you are not required to shave these areas.

Where are you supposed to shave?

You don't HAVE to shave anything. I suggest shaving under the arms, on the legs, don't shave your arms! It'll grow back thick and dark. As for private areas, use Nair and ask your mom to get your some razers.

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