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Do girls still have feelings for the guy they break up with after a long-term relationship?


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Yes, I think they do it kinda depends on the way the relationship was usually if your in a relatioship for a long time you get to know that person better and you get to see if there what you want but I wouldn't worry about it there's tons of girls out there you'll find her... is you were involved in a long term relationship yes the person will have feelings for you. even in there new relationship they will probably find themselves remebering the way you guys use to do them compared to the way there new partner does things. who knows if the feelings are really strong that person may even come back to you.

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Sadly you can only tell if you are "some girls" and i know plenty of guys who don't give a $hit about a girls feelings after they break up.

Because they want to spare his feelings when they break up with him.

Guys like when your active and wear sexy clothing. Whenyou wear that its hard for them to break up with you and you will have a long lasting relationship. Whatever you do do not tell them your personal feelings until you rmarried.

because you just get those weird feelings you cant hold them back but hopefully he will end the relationship before he does any thing about his feelings the same thing can happen to girls too. As a 2nd answer, I would say that guys tend to look for instant fun whereas girls are looking for a lasting friendship/relationship. As a person gets older, they begin looking for something more permanent.

You should be happy she broke up because she is being honest to her feelings and does not want to cheat your sincere feelings for her Don't worry someone for you will show up one day

they break up with them because they know the relationship is going nowhere dont be sad just up the anti!

Maybe...they got bored or just wanted to break some girls hearts...for fun. Maybe they don't really mean it or maybe they don't want to be with that girl and wanted and excuse but had no alternate choice...

Girls tend to express how they really feel more than a guy because guys don't understand what girls go through to be with the guy. Girls just want to be loved and cared for in a relationship.

maybe he still has feeling for you. but not in the way where he wants to date you again. you know? when you break you with someone you will always have feelings for them. all girls do but not if they were abused or hurt or using that man they will have feelings after the break up i still like a guy i dated .

Who wouldn't but if you dislike it then tell him that. Your feelings matter i a healthy relationship.

Dont be mean.....girls dont need that! just explain to her that you are done, and that you cant do it anymore. let it keep her feelings.

I'd say date a few girls because you make your mistakes with them. So when it comes time for the girl you want a serious relationship with, you won't make the mistakes on her. You'd be surprised at the littlest of the things that could make or break a relationship

If you're in an open relationship and him using other girls for sex is okay with you and isn't hurting you.... then it shouldn't be a problem. But since you're asking if you should stay I'd guess that it isn't an open relationship and it is hurting you. You shouldn't stay with him, it doesn't sound like he cares about you or your feelings very much. Let him have his other girls and go find someone that only has eyes for you.

Girl's don't always cry when they break up with a boy let alone a lot. It depends on the girl and the relationship.

Just tell them. Be like Mom, Dad, I m at that age where I get strange feelings when i look at girls. Im in love. idk lol

they do but once it comes to girls they have no feelings wat so ever!!

girls break out when their under stress and eat a lot of cholate.

Why do girls? I've broken off one relationship in my whole life, all the others were ended by the ladies.

Girls fantasize about being in love and having a family etc. And when their relationship is over, it's sad.

Depends totally on the guy. Some want sex others actually want to have a relationship based on feelings for each other and personality.

Well girls hide there feelings because they don't know what guys will say if they ask them out. Even some of the most out going girls will hide her feelings. Just they way some girls are.

In Powerpuff girls z, they never break up.

It's even, although boys are pressured not to show them (toxic masculinity).

glass, ---and girls' feelings.

Feelings are black and white to guys. Girls see the true colors. Girls tend to be better at expressing there feelings, unless a uy is sesitive. The reason for rejecting you may be because she's not ready to take on a relationship, or she just is scared of what might happen if she says yes. Other than that, there ca be tons of reasons.

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