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yes girls can suck penises because it feels real good to the guys.

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What do girls do with penises?

Suck, Lick , Stroke, Rub

Why do gay guys suck penises?

Gay people suck penises because they don't get same pleasure with women.

How do you have sexual intercoarse?

It depends which kind! Mastrubation guys rub their penises and maybe finger their butts and girls finger or use toys in te vagina. In 2 person straight sex a man puts his penis in a girls vagina or butt and thrusts in oral sex men suck womens vaginas and women suck penises.

Do males suck penises?

Some men do this. Most do not.

Do girls worry about boys penis size?

Yes, of course. If a girl had a boyfriend with a small penis then she would not be very satified. Some girls like to suck on penises, others like to fondle, and much other things. There wouldn't be such to suck or fondle if you're small.

What are girls penises called?

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

Why don't boys suck willie?

Some males do suck penises they are referenced to as gay or homosexual. if they do not they are straight

Do girls think about a dogs penis?

Girls don't think of penises much - only guys think about penises all the time.

Why do you not have a penis?

Girls don't have penises. Girls and boys are different that way.

What was World War I like for soldiers?

it was horrible the had to suck on each others penises

What is the difference with boys and girls?

Girls have vaginas, boys have penises, and your mom has both

Do all girls like big penises?

It doesn't matter to most girls.

Go girls like penis?

Different girls like different penises.

What adaptations do fairy shrimp have?

They can go inside other animals penises and suck out their organs.

Is it healthy to suck penises?

It's not going to hurt you as long as the man doesn't have and STD's.

Why do girls have penises?

The female homologue of the penis is the clitoris

Why do only girls wear panties?

They don't have penises.

Do girls like long penises?

girls do not have those now no more innapropriate questions

Why are boys and girls the same?

W-what the Hell? Girls have vaginas and boys have penises, dumbwad!

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