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Of Course Not If You Or Another Emo Boy Or girl Is An Emo It does not matter if u wear baggy clothes or tight clothes I'm emo but i don't wear tight clothes and theres many reasons why emos don't wear tights clothes... here are some

tight clothes can be uncomfortable- don't wear clothes you don't feel comfortable in

weight-some tight clothes may make some people look fat and they may not like that

I mean come on I am emo but skinny jeans make girls feel insecure about their weight and girls or boys don't need to feel like that.

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Do boys have to whear tight pants to be emo?

To LOOK emo...yes,from time to time you must wear skinnys.Not neccessarily for girls though.They can wear tutus and cute mini skirts.(:I wear baggy pants sometimes...and I cut holes in my jeans.But that is not emo,it's punk.

How would ฤฐ know if a person in my class is realy emo?

if they wear tight pants have bangs covering their eyes and like like to wear hoods and listen to emo music and like drawing cartoons of emo kids and are not understood. Trust me, i know...

Why do emo guys where tight pants?

because it's a trend to emo boy's and emo girl's for the whole fashion to them. hope that helped ya

Is Fall Out Boy an emo band?

Yes NO there punk rock not all of them wear skin tight pants and eyeliner Pete Wentz does. :D <3

If a guy wears tightpants does that make him emo?

well it depends if they were tight pants n black shirts all the time n they have cut marks on their arms n they have black or red or black n red hair then yea they are emoNO WAY JOSESome boys who wear tight pants could be emo.. i guess. But the majority arent. You cant tell whether somebody is emo or not by their pants!!! The only way you could actually know is if they have more than one scar on their arm ( if there is only one they could have just fallen or something).Idiots emo is a type of music and you don't have to cut yourself to be emo!!!!!

Is it ok for a boy to wear girls clothes?

If you emo.

Guys who wear tight jeans are they gay?

no. they could be emo, goth, or sceen.

Is emo and gothic the same?

If you wear dark colors all the time, nothing bright, you love the darkness, you are very artistic in dark imagery and you totally are the opposite of prep, you are goth. If you have fringed hair and you are emotional and you wear t shirts and tight pants or jeans and usually dark colors, you are emo.

What color shirts do EMOs wear?

it depends are you a emo who actually is emo or a person who thinks there emo but they arent cus if you really are then red but if you arent black most of them like black shirts with tight pants, one of those cool metel belts, and black and white high tops. so sexy

If you wear baggy pants can you be goth?

no because you can be goth with emo hair and skinny jeans

Can emo's wear gray tight jeans?


Do emo girls like men that wear pink clothes?

That's a little mean. All girls have different intrests ..not just emo but I guess it doesn't matter... And not saying this in a mean way... But sorry and I don't like guys that wear pink... I am emo and I like emo guys that wear plaid and a little of black

How do emo girls like to dress?

Emo girls generally like to dress in all black and also generally wear a lot of dark jewelry. These can be bracelets or necklaces. They generally wear skinnier jeans.

Are scene girls emo?

No. Scene girls may look emo, but they tend to wear brighter clothes, and be brighter and happier overall, and they're more random and outgoing.

Is scene and emo the same thing?

They both have the same hair but emos are emotional and wear t shirts and tight pants and jeans and dark clothes and scenes are preppy and color and spray their hair and put sparkles on their cheeks.

What kind of panties do emo girls wear?

any kind....any kind YOU like ;)

Do emo people wear knee-high socks?

Yes, emo girls will wear knee-highs with skirts. Grey or black ones. They must be dreary and non-colorful.

Who is more hotter emo girls or goth girls?


What do emo boys like?

girls who understand thememo or scene girlsgirls like themgirls who like them for them

Am i emo because i wear black eye-makeup tight black jeans have black hair only like emo boys hang with emos like emo music but i dont cut because im scared to?

Emo means emotional. So if you have emotion problems then yes, your emo. If not, then you are not emo. Not all emo cut themselves SOURCES: me

What do emo people wear?

Emo people usually wear neon colors,skinny jeans,tight shirts,eyliner,lot's of cool stuff,and most of all don't forget the colored hair!!! remember chains and skulls and black is goth not emo!!! They usually walk around naked tbh

Are emo girls more cute than normal girls?

No, being emo will not make a girl automatically cuter. There are emo girls who are cuter than non-emo girls and the other way round too, being emo really has nothing to do with cuteness at all.

How do you flirt with emo girls?

Tell them how cool their hair looks. Emo girls love that. Also talk about music often. Get physical sometimes with them to. Emo girls like that to.

What type of clothes do emo's wear?

"Emo" is a genre of music. Not a style. But the kind of people you are referring to often wear skin tight skinny jeans, band tee's and converses.

Why do emo guys kiss?

Emo guys like to kiss to get the attention of emo girls normally, the exploitation of this activity turns on emo girls, just like how some girls ACT bi...cuz guys like to watch them, same with emo guys

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