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Do goldfish need filters?

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no..they can live in fish bowls without filters...just change the water every couple weeks

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How long does a goldfishes filter need to be on for?

Goldfish filters need to be on all day and night. Goldfish are the messiest fish around so do NOT keep it in a bowl. Besides filters also help provide oxygen.

Do Goldfish need air filters in the tank?

They don't have to have one but it's better for them and they will live longer if you do.

Are goldfish saltwater fish?

No, all Goldfish are freshwater. NO! THEY ARE NOT BRACKISH LIKE MOLLieS! who like fresh water with a tiny bit of salt in it. goldfish do not need heaters but filters because they tend to be messy. goldfish like the water temp to be 20-23 degrees C but it's ok if it's a bit under or over. goldfish are not tropical like guppies, mollies, tetras, barbs, angelfish, etc.

What does the death of goldfish signify?

That you need a new goldfish

Do goldfish need stones in their tank?

Stones or gravel are decorative; goldfish do not actually need them.

Do you need a filter for a goldfish pond?

it is always good to get some kind of filter for your fish, but natural ponds dont' always need one. the filters will keep out some bad bacteria though, and keep your fish healthy longer, and allow you to actually see them. goldfish are very hardy and can withstand quite a bit.

Do you turn off the filter with a pregnant goldfish?

Goldfish can not get pregnant they are egg layers and their eggs are fertilised externally. Never turn filters off on a fish tank unless you are cleaning them. Cycled filters are needed to remove the poisons from the water that the fish create by living/pooing etc in there.

Do betas need filters?

bettas do not need filters unless you do not chang its bowl every week

How do you care for your black moor goldfish?

How you would care for an ordinary goldfish, feeding, cleaning, changing water, check filters, temperature gauge, pump and look for signs of ANY infections.

How much salt water does a goldfish need?

Goldfish don't need salt because they are freshwater fish!

Do you need a filter for your goldfish?

No, Goldfish do not need a filter but I would recommended it if you have a tank that is over 10 gallon. You do need a bubbler if you get them confused

What are some basic breeds of goldfish?

there are three basic breeds: fantail goldfish, comet goldfish, and common goldfish. if you are getting goldfish for the first time, i would recommend common goldfish as they need the least care.

Can you keep large goldfish with swordtail fish?

No, goldfish need cold water, swordtails need warm water

Does a goldfish need warm or cold water in its tank?

Goldfish need cold water around 55F to 70F.

What water do goldfish need?

Goldfish need clean fresh water. It is also a good idea to put Stress Coat and Stress Zyme in. The type of water goldfish need is freshwater because they are freshwater fish.

Do ghost shrimp need filters?

Filters are beneficial for any aquatic life.

Do goldfish need to be with other goldfish?

The answer is no. People usually think that goldfish get lonely and depressed. This is not true. Goldfish are fine on their own! People usually prefer 2 or more

What do goldfish need to lay their eggs?

goldfish need to lay eggs. Because if they don't no goldfish would be alive and would not be any more so they would become gone forever.

What fish do not need filters to live?

fish who don't need filtersGuppies don't need a filter.Betta fish can live without a filter.

Does a goldfish need a company?


Do you need distilled water for goldfish?


Hi i have a 9 leter tank and 2 small goldfish do i need a filter?

Yes, goldfish are very messy. Goldfish need 10 gallons per fish, you actually need a 20 gallon tank or about a 70 liter tank for 2 goldfish. But the small tank will do while they are small, you will need to eventually get a larger tank.

Why does the Guppy keeps biting my goldfish?

The guppy knows the goldfish should not be in there with it. Goldfish are coldwater fish and need to be kept below 70F. Guppies are tropical fish and need to be kept above 70F.

Do crayfish need filters?


Can a goldfish have a baby without male?

No,you need both male and females to have babbies even goldfish.