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Do guinea pigs die with eyes closed?


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Well, my guinea pig died recently and her eyes were open so I'm saying yes. So don't be surprised if your guinea pig dies with her eyes open. It's very common. And when she does die take all the time you need to get over it. It took me a week to get over my pet guinea pig.

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it's common for guinea pigs to die with their eyes open, it means nothing

pigs from guinea what do die in from age old ?

no, guinea pigs do not die easily from wetness.

Usually, because they don't have eyelids. But it's possible for them not to.

Um, they die when they are sick or old. Guinea pigs die because of many causes.

Yes Guinea Pigs will die of Vitamin defiecy. Guinea Pigs are prone to Vitamin C defiecy-memyselfandi12312

Guinea Pigs do not hibernate, but, Guinea Pigs cannot be kept in the cold or they die.

Yes guinea pigs can die from fertilizer because fertilizer has a ton of chemicals.

Guinea pigs die exactly at the end of their life.

guinea pigs can die at any time from many causes such as illness injury or just old age. guinea pigs usually live up to 4 to 7 years.

They look like dead guinea pigs. They don't move.

No, guinea pigs do not hibernate. When exposed to temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit they die.

NO!Not at all! Guinea pigs do NOT have the spine that hamsters have they can break there backs and possibly die.

No They Cant Die From Ringworms :))

No, I've fed them to my guinea pigs before and they were fine. They are not poisonous to guinea pigs. But always be careful about what wild plants you feed your guinea pigs because some are poisonous to them.

No not at all they will die

NO they will die if it is to cold

they can but itll die!

no but it is very unpleasant for them

Guinea pigs and hamsters are just about the same animal, so they die at about the same time.

No, they won't die. Actually, guinea pigs can eat a lot of different types of veggies and iceberg lettuce is one of them.

guinea pigs can die from fright, eating something poisonus to them and some can die from lonliness

You can die with your eyes either open or closed. For many people, especially the sick and the elderly, it is not uncommon to die in their sleep, in which case their eyes will be closed. However, some do die with their eyes open, in which case it is considered respectful to close that person's eyes.

Guinea pigs usually live 5-10 years, but it is not unusual for them to live up to 10 years.

I think when you die with open eyes you have been instantly killed. But if you were killed slowly, you would die with your eyes closed.

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