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yes... mine does at least.


Yes they do. They also sleep with their eyes open sometimes. If you watch them when they sleep you can see them dreaming, as like us, they have rapid eye movement, and occasionally they'll twitch. It's really cute :o)

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โˆ™ 2009-09-25 15:41:06
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Q: Do guinea pigs ever close their eyes when they are sleeping?
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Is it bad if a guinea pig doesn't close its eyes when its sleeping?

No! Really, no! It is a guinea pigs natural instinct to sleep with it's eyes open because in the wild they had to watch for predators and always be alert. A guinea pig will only sleep with his/her eyes closed if they are extremely content or they feel safe.

Do guinea pigs died eyes open or shut?

usually when a guinea pig dies its eyes are open, but if it died sleeping then its eyes should be closed.

Do hamsters close their eyes when they are sleeping?

Yes, hamsters do close their eyes when they sleep. Or at least mine does....

What does it mean if a guinea pig lies on its side?

cool If your guinea pig is lying on it's side it usually means that it is sleeping. Since guinea pigs can't close their eyes for more then ten minutes, you can tell if its sleeping when it lays on it's side and is poking it's leg out. If the guinea pig is sleeping a lot and not eating then the room it is in is too for it and you should probably move it's cage to a colder room in the house.

Do bats close their eyes while sleeping?

Yes, they do.

Which animal does not close its eyes while sleeping?


Do guinea pigs close there eyes?

yes of course they do! All mammals open and close their eyes! Yes. Guinea pigs will close their eyes if they sleep, (even though they do sleep sometimes with their eyes open) feel the need to shut them, or if they blink. Guinea pigs do not blink as often as other animals, we think this is because guinea pigs need to always look out for predators and their eyes do water more than other animal eyes do.

Do goldfish close there eyes when they are sleeping?

fish dont have eyelids

Do cats dream when they are sleeping?

no, they are awake the just close there eyes

Do guinea pigs sleep with open eyes?

yes they do well mine does and they close their eyes if they are tired -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really? It's physically impossible for a guinea pig to do this.

How do you know when a guinea pig is sleeping?

Your piggy will lay on its side and close his eyes. It is rare that you see them sleep because they sleep in 6 minutes intervales. Most of the time they're awake and playing.

How can you tell your guinea pig is sleeping?

Hi , You can tel when a guinea pig is sleeping because they usually lay flat (so nno bones are standing) and their eyes are usually closed. They sleep on their side or up usually.

Why do turtles close their eyes even though they are not sleeping?

They might have a eye infection.

Name a sign a person you're talking is sleeping?

if their eyes r close. and if its a man or a woman by snoring. then you can teal their are sleeping.

Do frogs sleep with there eyes open?

Nope. They close their eyes like many other animals while sleeping.

When guine pigs are near onion the close their eyes?

Onions make guinea pigs eyes sting too, just like it makes ours. The guinea pig is simply keeping its eyes from the sting of the onion.

Do a deer ever close there eyes to go to sleep?

Yes they do i have gone on a stake out and found that deer close their eyes!!??!!>>>

How do you get some sleep?

take a sleeping pill....and then LAY DOWN/CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SLEEP!!

Do hermit crabs close their eyes when sleeping?

No. They don't have eyelids or any structure like it.

Do pupils dilate when sleeping and eyes are closed?

Expirement. close your eyes for a good 10 seconds. Then open them and get close to a mirror when you do this. When you open your eyes, you'll notice that your pupils will get big and then really small(fast).

Why do they close a dead person's eyes?

Closing a dead person's eyes is tradition so they look more at peace and comfortable, as if they were sleeping.

Do dolphins close there eyes when they are sleeping?

They sleep with one eye open (source: David Attenborough)

What if your red stripe turtle has his eyes close what does it mean?

Either it's died or it's sleeping!!

Can a flash kill a guinea pig?

No. But be sure not to take a picture with a flash real close because it could hurt their eyes if it is to close.

Do manatees sleep with their eyes open or closed?

Manatees have a nictitating membrane (like an alligator has) which protects its eyes. Manatees will close their eyes when sleeping. They hover or lay on the bottom and when they need a breath they will rise to the surface, take a breath and then settle back down to the bottom without ever waking up.