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Actually no. If you sit them in your lap and give them some freedom without holding them, they will actually get used to you. You wanna let them be free in your lap for about a half hour and then you can pick them up and hold them but they prefer not to be held. I would know because I have 12 guinea pigs so no they don't like to be held.

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Why do guinea pigs like being held?

They like being held because they feel safe and feel comfort.

Do guinea pigs like to be held and played with?

YES! They love it! The more you play with them the better!

Do guinea pigs like other guinea pigs?

It depends what type but most guinea pigs are friendly with others.

Do guinea pigs like people?

"Do guinea pigs like people?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course! If you have just brought baby guinea pigs and they run away from you, don't worry! It'll take a while for them to figure out you wont harm them. Guinea Pigs make great family pets because of there kind nature. They liked to be held, stroked and made a fuss of! Hope I helped! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do guinea pigs look like when they shed?

Like guinea pigs, but without fur.

What are two things that guinea pigs like?

what are two things guinea pigs like

What is the differences between pigs and guinea pigs?

pigs make ham and guinea pigs are like pets. they look like hamsters

What does cooked guinea pig look like?

Bruned guinea pigs and dead guinea pigs.

How do male guinea pigs act around female guinea pig?

Like guinea pigs.

How are guinea pigs different from pigs?

Pigs are bovine furless animals that can grow to 300-400 pounds. Guinea pigs are small furry rodents that can be held in a person's hands.

Why do people like guinea pigs?

people like guinea pigs because they are very cute

What don't guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs don't like loud noises like car's engines.

Are capybara related to guinea pigs?

Yes, capybara are related to guinea pigs. There are about 150 different species of guinea pigs and capybara look much like guinea pigs but bigger.

Are guinea pigs normally shy?

Guinea pigs are shy in one way, but not shy in another. Guinea pigs love to be in the room of the house that is most social. But, when they're tired they don't like to be bothered. But, they do like to fall asleep on you! They love to held at times. And, they don't like to be around a lot of noise. They get stressed out very easily.

What do guinea pigs look like when they die?

They look like dead guinea pigs. They don't move.

How old are guinea pigs?

guinea pigs can live up to 8 years old i should know i have had like 8 guinea pigs!

What do guinea pigs mean when they chutter?

This means they are scared or are not happy with is going on at the moment. My guinea pigs chatter their teeth when they get hurt of do not want to be held.

Do you have to worm guinea pigs?

no you most certainly do not. guinea pigs are not like other mammals.

How long are guinea pigs?

Just like humans, guinea pigs vary in size :)

What is a guinea pigs domain?

Like all animals, guinea pigs are in the Eukaryota domain.

How were guinea pigs made?

In England they were sold for a guinea and they can sometimes squeal like pigs

Can Guinea pigs eat insects?

No Guinea pigs eat veggies like lettuce.

What color does guinea pigs like?

guinea pigs can't see colour that well.

Can you put chinchilas and guinea pig on play dates?

No, guinea pigs only like guinea pigs. Sorry...

What do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs like celarie and fruits and other vegies! (P.S. no grass can be posioned!)