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Yes they do. If not the nails will grow long and painfully twisted. In most cases it will also impair the way a piggie walks. Please cut your piggies' nails. also if you don't cut the nails the would curl and if he/she walked the nail would snatch off and fall with drips of blood and squeels. help your guinea pig by cutting its toenail you can just use a human nail cutter too.

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When do you cut your guinea pigs claws?

You should cut your guinea pigs nails once every month.

How often do guinea pigs need their nails cut?

On average about once A month.

Can petco cut your guinea pigs nails?

No! Have you seen what they do to guinea pigs? They keep them in such small GLASS CAGES! that proves PETCO cannot do anything good for your guinea pig. Not to be harsh, but you need to buy nail clippers from petco and cut them yourself. And NEVER, EVER let PETCO cut your guinea pigs nails.

How do you know when you should cut your guinea pig's nails?

I believe you are supposed to cut a guinea pigs nails once a year.

How often do you have to cut guinea pigs nails?

You should cut your guinea pigs nails once they start to curl up at the ends. DO NOT CUT THE PINK PART. The pink part of their nails contains blood vessels.

How do you cut your guinea pigs nails?

Baby fingernail clippers.

Do you need to cut guinea pigs nails?

you can but only when necessary only if they're really long and the guinea pig seems uncomfortable

How often do you cut guinea pigs nails?

Cut your guinea pig's nails when they get too long. Or else, they'll snag on a rug and bleed. Once a week.

Where can you cut your guinea pigs nails?

When you cut your guinea pigs nails it must be after the red part of the nail. If it is before, the nail will bleed. However if the nail is black/brown then you would have to shine light through it so you know where to cut.

What happens if you dont cut a guinea pigs nails?

well, if you don't cut a guinea pig's nails,they will grow and eventually they will hurt the guinea pig so much, they won't be able to walk.

Do guinea pigs' nails break off on their own?

No. You will have to take your guinea-pig to the vet every once in a while to get their nails cut by an expert.

How do you keep guinea pigs nails short?

You cut them with a special nail cutter. Search the youtube for videos how to clip guinea pigs nails (because if you clip too short, the nail will bleed).

How often should you cut your guinea pigs nails?

when you see them getting sharp and/or long.

How much does it cost to get your guinea pigs nails cut by a vet?

about £4 to £6.00 pound depends where you come from mainly i would not advise cutting them urself because guinea pigs have a vessel in there nails which if cut wrong could bleed and get infected.

Do guinea pigs still walk with there nails cut?

yes, they actually walk better with their nails cut i get them cut at the veterinarians office because it will be uncomfortable to them if you cut them too short.

How long should your guinea pigs nails be?

the nails of your guinea pig should not be too long. you can check on this when you carry your cavy, if it is too sharp then you need to trim it. just be careful of the "quick"it is color red in the nail and if you cut it, it will bleed and your guinea pig will be hurt.

How do you cut guinea pigs nails?

It is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED that you take your guinea pig(s) to the vet to get their nails cut so they are cut proparly. if you try to cut their nails you may cut them to short to where that will cause them GREAT pain, even to the point where they may bleed. TAKE THEM TO THE VET SO NO HARM IS DONE. sak :)

Are you supposed to cut guinea pigs nails?

Yes,you are supposed to use a human nail clipper.Watch out for the quick!

Do guinea pigs need a vet?

Yes if they get ill, or if they show any signs of acting differently you need to take them to a vets. You can take them to a vets to get their nails cut, unless you want to do this yourself.

When do you clip guinea pigs nails?

When you look at a guinea pig's nails, you can see a white/brown bit, and a red bit. When you see your piggy's nails start to curl, that means that they need clipping. If the nails curl too much, then they could dig in to the guinea pig's skin and really hurt them. dont cut too far in the guinea pig nails because then they could bleed and hurt the piggie. i hope this helped you.

How can you cut your guinea pigs nails if when you try she squeals?

You hold it tight and clip them carefully. If you cut the nail too far in it will hurt her. Clip the end of the nail.

Can you cut a guinea pigs hair?

You could if you really wanted to but you don't need to.

You cant cut your guinea pigs nails because she keeps moving you dont want to take her to the vet so what shall you do?

When you handle your guinea you should fiddle with her feet so she gets used to you touching her feet. After a few times you can cut her nails instead of fiddling.

Do guinea pigs have to get their nails cut?

In captivity, Guinea pigs are often kept in cages with smooth plastic (or similar) flooring. Such flooring is not designed to naturally wear out the animal's tow nails. Under those circumstances, yes, they do need clipping regularly. Without proper care and regular clipping, toe nails overgrow. This can cause ingrown nails or broken toes, both painful and to be avoided. In nature, Guinea pigs live on naturally abrasive flooring: rocks and sand. This wears out their toe nails naturally. It is thus best to keep Guinea pigs on similar flooring made from natural rocks and sand, or an application of sand paper to the floor of a cage, combined with plenty of stimulation to move and run about.

How can you cut your guinea pigs hair?

don't cut guinea pigs hair unless u have a long-haired guinea pig i would take it to the vet