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i dont but some have to

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2011-01-21 22:31:52
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Q: Do guy's in high school wear jockstraps for phys ed?
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Are schools requiring jockstraps?

Some middle schools and high schools do require boys to wear jockstraps for Phys Ed. Others encourage or recommend it. It'd be a good idea, regardless.

Did Einstein get a diploma in High school?

Yes, he did.

Why should boys wear jockstraps?

Boys should wear jockstraps for a few reasons. First, they need to wear them for any sports where a cup is needed, to prevent a direct hit. Also, boys should wear jockstraps for non-contact activities such as running or phys ed class because they support the genitals and prevent soreness or injuries such as testicular torsion (twisting).

Do guy's in highschool wear jockstraps for phys ed?

Some guys do, yes. Some schools require everyone to wear jockstraps for PE. It's a good idea regardless - better to keep yourself protected and supported.

Is virtual school considered high school?

if it provides your level of education and phys ed, then yes, it would be considered as a real school. It has to have: 1. breaks 2. community (friends,teachers,etc.) 3. cheerleaders XD 4. real education

What is the abbreviation for physical?

Phys, as in phys ed - physical education.

What does PHYS stand for in college?

PHYS stands for physics in college courses.

What does phys ed mean?

"Phys Ed" is a scholastic term referring to exercise.

Who was the phys ed teacher who created the game of basketball?

James Naismith invented basketball when he thought kids at some school were bored of their regular phys. ed games so he invented it and now it became a fun sport.

Did Tom Daley enjoy PE at school?

Yes in fact he once dreamed of becoming a phys Ed teacher

What does the medical abbreviation phys mean?

Phys in medical terms may mean physician or physical.

The root phys means?


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