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Do guys like it when girls ask them out?

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It depends, there are some guys who like it when girls ask them out but there are also guys who prefer to do the asking and hate aggressive girls. So you really can't tell, try to get to know the guy first and see what kind of a guy he is.

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Are girls supposed to ask guys out?

Yes they are sometimes if they feel like it. Or the guys can ask girls out.

Why do women find it difficult to ask you out?

Girls like it when guys ask them out it is the guys job to...... just like texting.... girls like it when guys text them first it makes them think you care..... its the best thing todo, try talking to her as a friend and tell them what you like in girl when girls ask out the guy first and what not..... but girls like it when guys ask first :) <3333

Why do guys hate when girls ask questions?

Guys don't like girls to talk a lot and ask many "Qustions" , Because they like you to do what they want to do not what you want to do .

Do guys like it more when a girl asks them out or they ask the girl out?

girls love to be asked out if they like you backwhat about guys? Do they want girls to ask them out or do they want to do it themselves?some guys like a girl that will take charge of things

Why don't girls ask guys out?

Actually, girls ask out guys more than you think. It's half the time that girls ask guys out. The other half is guys asking girls out. But.. i think girls like guys asking them out because it makes them feel special that the guy likes them. And it is possible that she likes them back. They just don't wanna be embarrassed when they ask guys out and they say no. girls get worked up about all that.

Why do girls not like to ask a guy out?

because first guys fell in love with girls, so boys have to ask you out

Should guys ask out girls?

They can do, or girls can ask guys it doesnt really matter to be honest

Do guys like girls that don't wear makeups?

yes some guys do like girls that don't wear makeup some. guys like girls that are all natural. if you like some guy prticular you can go up and ask him if he limes girls that were makeup or not

How can you disagree with my statement of wether girls shouldn't ask guys out?

why do you disagree with girls should'nt ask guys out?

Why do guys not ask out girls even though they like them?

Well guys get nervous, and they dont like that. They like to be macho and manly. Guys also might think that their friends might not like their choice in girls. Sincerely, A Girl

Can girls ask boys out like to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Yes it is perfectly normal to ask guys out...some people think that the guys should ask the girls all the time...but that is not the case. You can ask any one you want.

Do guys like girls to ask them out?

A girl CAN ask a guy out. If he takes to long to realize you like him, tell him or ask him out. I recommend hinting around that you like him but let him ask you out... Guys are all about the chase. Although, some guys are too shy, if your guy is shy you may have to ask him out.

How come girls don't ask guys out?

Girls have been taught for generations that it is inappropriate to show interest in a guy. That point of view is breaking down in countries where gender roles are relaxing. However, it is still a strongly held belief among many people.If you would like a more full answer you can find it the website "girls ask guys show."

Why do guys like to look at beautiful girls but not ask them out?

Guys automatically assume really beautiful girls are already going out with someone else.

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Why Do Guys Ask Girls Out?

because they like them, they have physical or mental attractions to the girl

How do you ask will you be my girlfriend?

You need to get her alone and just answer girls like it when a guys straight with her.

Will girls ask out boys or boys ask out girls?

generally the boys ask out the girls, but occasionally the girls ask the guys out, but it's not as common.

How can a girl impress a guy in middle school?

1. Always be yourself - Guys tend to like girls who are not afraid to show who they really are on a daily basis. 2. Ask him to be your boyfriend or ask him out (if you like him) - Guys sometimes like straight-forward, confident girls. 3. Act very mature - Guys usually like girls who act above the so-called "popular" girls.

How do you get him to be your boyfriend?

As a guy I would say just ask him, guys love girls that speak their minds, to a certain extent, and I would like it if a girl asked me out. Just remember guys turn down girls, like girls turn down guys.

How often do girls ask guys out?

Not as often as guys ask the girl, but it is fairly common.

Why in TF do guys have to ask girls out first?

they dont girls ask guys out all the tym but its better if the guy asks the girl out as then the girl feels more secure and they just generally like to be asked out....

What type of girls do emo guys like?

It depends on who the guy is! Maybe you should ask him.

Do guys like to touch girls?

Yeah we like touching girls but that's if the girl wants to be touched. Ask before touching. Always.

Do girls like guys putting there tongue in girls vagina?

No they like it when you ask them if you can put your head or hand and really do it trust me I'm a girl

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