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Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

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Why do guys like the mean girls?

I like (nice) girls soo not all guys do, just find the right guy

Why are girls so mean to nice guys?

they like the guy

Do Nice Guys Like Nice Girls?

Yes, because nice guys like nice girls... they are both nice that's why they like each other.

Are girls mean to guys they like?

Depends on the girl, most of the time they are not. They are usually nice to them.

Do girls like fatty black guys?

Girls like nice guys so if you are nice it doesn't make much difference on the outside.

Do girls like smart guys if their not bad looking?

If they're nice guys. And girls can like guys even if he's ugly. :)

Do nice girls like nice guys?

Everyone likes nice people.

What type of guys Haitian girls like?

nice cute guys with a nice hair cut

Why do guys like to touch girls ass?

Why do guys like to touch the girls ass

Do Guys Like Nice Girls Not Mean Ones?

guys like girls that aren't sassy to them, and that are fun to be around. If you can talk to a guy without making fun of someone, or saying something mean, it's a plus :)

Why do girls think of nice guys as childish and mean guys as grown ups?

they don't!

Should you be cocky to girls or should you be nice?

You should definitely be nice. The girls worth dating respond to guys that are nice to them. The girls that like cocky guys are usually the girls that no one should want to date anyway.

How do guys like a girl to smell?

Guys like girls to smell nice and not sweaty or anything gross just smell nice and us guys will love you

What is it about big girls that guys like?

We like girls for there nice curves. Nice tanned butt. Nice boos and a pretty face. Oh also personally.

Do girls like nice guys or just mean loud obnoxious ones?

That really depends on the personality of the girl.

Do boys like quiet and nice girls?

Some guys like quite, nice girls but others don't. It all depends on the guy

What do guys like when your making out with them?

Because it feels nice. Girls like it too :-)

How come girls always go with the bad guys that treat them stupid instead with nice guys?

Girls go out with bad guys because there dad is mean or bad to them (that represent there dad) some girls go out with nice guy cuz there dad is nice to them. That's what usally they look for someone that acts like there dad because they want to remember him.

Do guys like receiving girls picture?

It's nice to have pictures of a girl they like or dating with. It just gives guys something to remind them of girls.

Why girls hate nice guys?

they dont hate nice guys

What do white girl look for guys?

If you mean "What do white girls look for in guys?"; well, it depends on the girl. Some girls like the tough type, others the sensitive type, and I myself like the nice, funny type.

How do you inpress girls?

Girls like sporty guys, funny guys and nice decent guys Don't go around talking about hot girls and that because it upsets us

Is being nice to a girl a good way for them to like you?

Of course. Girls love nice guys.

What do you do if your a really nice guy but the girls only go for the mean guys?

Do what they tell u to do, be mean

Why are guys mean to nice girls?

Ask your father. Oh, and people always want what they can't have. Remember the saying "Nice guys finish last?"