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At least one does.

AnswerI like my wife. She's a pretty quiet female. I can't speak for other guys, but I know that different people have different likes and dislikes. My wife always complains that she never has anything to say. I like her because she doesn't go around talking just to hear her own voice. When she says something it usually has meaning. Don't be impatient, there are plenty of guys who like girls who don't make unnecessary noise. AnswerSome do, some don't. It all the matter of chemistry and type. I myself find some quiet girl attractive. Answerquite attractive female. Its pretty good usually in the past I have dated quite types because it lets me think more and there is not much disturbances. AnswerEasy to get along with and talk too but the down fall is that there not open.

btw im free this Friday if you want a lift up and possibly down


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Q: Do guys like quiet females
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Do girls like quiet guys?

Some do. It depends on the girl.

How do you know if you are a lesbian but you like guys?

If you like females and males you are bisexual

What type of guy like shy and quiet girl?

There are many guys who like a girl who is shy and quite. Typically, they are shy and quiet themselves.

Do guys like easy girl or do they like respectful females?

Of course is a respectful female.

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Not all girls hate quiet guys (some girls find quiet guys creepy and some find them mysterious), but MOST girls love talking so they like talkative guys who will talk at length with them. Although if you're a quiet guy don't change yourself for someone. Wait for the girl who will accept you for who you are. Hey I'm a girl and I only like quiet guys! I think it is THE cutest thing, besides the only possible attribute cuter than quietness, which is how sweet/respectful/kind you are. To me, quiet guys tend to come across as much more mature, calm, secure, and peaceful and much less time-wasting, etc etc.

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Usually girls who are talkative but not loud and annoying or quiet and shy. sort of in the middle between loud and quiet. okay cuz im very talkitive and alittle loud...... it depends on the guy. some like girls that are loud other like girls that are quiet.

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i really think anyone can like anyone depending on the type of person you are.

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I'm not super shore why guys do that but I think it's to prove that they are guy just like goths and emos dress in black they want to be different

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it might be the personality they like and if your quiet they probably don't see you

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Are there some girls that would like quiet guys?

of course...... they think that you're cute and shy but sometimes be a little adventurous...

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