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Do guys like transsexuals?


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January 13, 2011 11:00PM



Not if they know that they are trannys, unless they themselves are gay, but straight men forget it. They'd probably go wild with anger if they found out they just kissed and felt up breasts with a man.

Although, just pointing out that they didn't even see themselves as men when they were male, so, it wouldn't be unambiguously "feeling up breasts with a man".

There are people who have a fetish for transsexuals. However, some just don't see anything wrong with them.

Actually some men would look for "trannys" simply because the sexual experience is more enjoyable. Some men see "trannys" as full fledged women. Indeed some dress and look better than women. This is because "trannys" have a belief that they were born in the wrong body and make every effort to look as feminine as possible.