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Depends on the guy: Jerk or Sweetheart

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Nothing is wrong with you, you just like tall girls. like me i am tall but i like tall guys too little, and petite guys arent my thing but we are all different and uniqe in our own ways!!! :)

its not just the guys, its the girls too:)

Yeah, I like girls who can play guitar, so I'm assuming that other guys like it too.

They don't like when they get attached too quickly.

Girls like putting makeup on guys. Cause they want too see what colors looks good on them or too practice putting on makeup

Because it feels nice. Girls like it too :-)

yes and they like to hug them too

Maybe, sometimes guys dont like girls that are too desprate.

Emo girls usually just guys who are Emo's too, but they can like anyone!

Yes, Black guys do like Hispanic girls.As far as do they like Hispanic girls in gangs, well I guess that would depend on if the guy was in a gang too.

yes. the girls would be too strong for them.

This is very stereotypical to start with, but 'emo' guys generally like girls who are emotional too, as in can understand them, and don't judge when they like to talk emotions. But 'emo' guys like all guys differ.

guys dump girls randomly because they think they are too good to be with the girl he was with

12 year old guys like girls who are funny, pretty, and realize that guys have feelings too.

Yes! we want to feel "special" too!

Girls like guys with muscles and six pack and all that, but they think body builders are scary, so dont go too over the top!

are you kiding now i know love life girls are normally into the hot guys,that undies showing, and guys that were skiny jeans.But some girls like cute and not really the smartest guys. Samrt is too nerdy,so if you need to impress a girl,just be yourself,not silly and not too smart.

Some guys are too shy to talk to girls. Im sure there are guys that notice you but they are too shy to admit that they like you. Try starting a conversation with them.

Girls are not addicted to guys. They may just act like it. I am an expert, knowing I had a soap opera incident with my dream girl.

Some girls do some don't everyone has their own preference too what they find sexy.

most guys like girls when they are awkward but some guys are stuck up . Some may find it amusing. On the whole I'd have to say guys prefer girls who are at least comfortable in a social setting. Not necessarily outgoing. If the guy is awkward too, however, it might work out.

i have experienced this, girls are quite evil, they sometimes do this to find out if you like them too.

no girls are dumb *EDIT No, guys HATE dumb girls, they find them annoying and they will most likely be taken advantage of because they are too dumb to see it coming. Why Would Guysz Like Dumb Girlsz??

It has been proven that around 89% of guys want girls to make the first move. These white guys has probably brought up in a place with either too much Asian girls or too less Asian girls. With too less Asian girls, they may be confused on how to confront them and what they like in a guy. With too many Asian girls, the white guy may expect too much and that will also lead to confusion and nervousness.

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