Do guys only do nice things such as favors for girls they like Or would they do nice things just because its their nature regardless of who it is Or because they expect something?

Now this question made me really think back to times when guys have done nice things for me. Honestly, the guys that have done nice things for me have liked me. Now there will always be those few exceptions. One might be because he's a really nice guy to everyone(you would have to notice how he acts around other people) or if he's gay. I'm not saying all gay guys are just really nice and i don't want to offend anyone! just the gay guys i know have been a lot nicer and more thoughtful then the straight ones.
Bottom line: if i guy is going to be nice to you, don't just think they're after something or they like you. Some guys are just more thoughtful so you really need to look at their personality. And if this guy is someone YOU are interested in, just be nice back and see where that leads you who knows you might be pleasantly surprised:)