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Some do and some do not. I have discussed my sex life openly with close friends and so have they. However, most guys I know brag about what great lovers they are and how well hung they are. I usually smile at them and retort that I would like to ask their girlfriends. Oh, they are quick to change the subject then! U guess why? ;-)

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Do girlfriends look at other guys?

Sometimes girlfriends may be atracted to other guys and may think about dating them, but if they really like the other guy they will break up with their boyfriend.

Why do guys give their girlfriends their class rings?

To show the other guys that she's taken.

Can guys have best friend guys and not be gay?

Of course. Some guys are closer to other guys than they are with their girlfriends and are not gay.

Why do guys talk about other girl's body to their girlfriends?

they are jerkd

Why do guys with girlfriends get jealous of the other woman talking to other men?

I suppose they're always on the lookout even when in a relationship and always see other guys as rivals. Probably anyway.

Do the guys from Big Time Rush have girlfriends?

Only james and logan have girlfriends

Does the guys from smosh have girlfriends?


Who of the one direction guys have girlfriends?


Guys leave their girlfriends because of what?

a better girl

Do guys doodle about their girlfriends?

It depends on what kind of boy he is.

Why do guys avoid their girlfriends?

They want guy time.

Do you guys care for each other?

Hell we do!

Is it true that guys do not miss and love their ex girlfriend that were together for eight years and is easy for them to move on and forget her?

No, it is not always true that guys don't miss their ex girlfriends. A percentage of guys actually do miss their girlfriends. It's not easy for some guys to get over their ex girlfriends anymore than an ex girlfriend trying to get over her ex boyfriend.

What should you do to stop you and your boyfriend from agruing?

Well, you guys should look at each other more positively. After all he is your boyfriend so its better if you guys just realize how important you guys are to each other and show each other how much you love one another.

Do the Jonas brothers want girlfriends?

well obviously, they're guys so I'm sure like every other guy they want girlfriends but I'm pretty sure they're not too desperate...

Do guys go head over heels for their girlfriends?

I know I do.

Super Junior do you guys have girlfriends?

They are all single men.

How many Super Junior guys have girlfriends?

Shindong has a fiancee

What guys off of Big Time Rush have girlfriends?

Kendell does.

Do guys like getting promise rings from there girlfriends?

hell no

Do guys ask girls to be their girlfriends or is it just natural?


Do the guys from Mindless Behavior have girlfriends?

No, I have a BF and he is so sweet.

Why do guys act so tough to their girlfriends?

because they are wierd!!

Why do Guys Wear Condoms with other guys?

so they can give each other non stop blow drops

Do guys wear other guys underwear?

mostly gays but some straight people do it depends on who he is if hes you brother yes best friend yes girlfriends boyfriend no uncle no cousin no