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It's a start, but don't bank on it 100%. Some couples like the idea of being a couple and feel more secure, while others really do love each other. It takes time to get to know each other so take one day at a time and enjoy getting to know each other. Sex is always high on the list, but unless you are ready don't be afraid to say no until you are. NEVER let anyone talk you into "fast sex". Both men and women can meet someone, know them for a very few months and want to hit the sheets right off the bat (that hasn't changed even when I was younger.) Learn to form the word "no" and see what this person is made out of. If they're too quick to want to hit the sheets with you or put pressure on you then it's usually more about sex than love. There are just too many sexually transmitted diseases out there to risk coming into contact with something until you get to the know that person. ALWAYS have the male use a condom. If you take a few months to get to know him and he's impatient and rude about sex, then kick his backside to the curb. Of course people enjoy sex, but, waiting a little is a lot better than having your heart broken. If he doesn't see you again because you won't "put out" quickly consider yourself lucky!

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It depends on the guy, but yes it seems like that's the beginning of a serious relationship.

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Is he serious with me we have been dating for 7 months but never talked about your relationship?

maybe! I think he is serious but afraid ask you or just playing you around! It depends!

What does it mean when you have a dream about your wedding day but you are not engaged to your boyfriend We have been dating for 2years and 6 months?

well, it means that you guys have a strong relationship but you will have a bump in the road its not serious.

After how long a guy should ask a girl to meet her parents?

I would say after about 1 or 2 months after you have been dating. Just to see how serious the guy/girl is about the relationship.

Does Jericho Road's Bret Bryce have a serious girlfriend?

I don't know what you'd consider serious, but he's been dating the same girl for six months.

Is Mitchel Musso and gia mantegna engaged?

No they are not engaged! There relationship is pretty serious thou as they have been dating for about a year now :)

Should you let your boyfriend move in we have been dating 6 months. we are 46 yrs old.?

if you are serious: yes

How many months have you been dating if i have been dating since December 12 2008?

sixteen months

When do you start touching your boyfriends dick at 15 and you've been going out for over five months and the relationship is serious?

No. No. No.

Is tony oller dating carlson young?

Tony Oller and Carlson Young have been rumored to be dating for several months. They have not confirmed their relationship but they have been seen together in public quite often.

Is relationship a treat?

Yes it is. Relationship is wonderful as long as you marry the right person and know the person well. Don't marry them if you only been dating for a couple months.

Who is Kaylee James dating?

Update: Kaylee James said in a recent interveiw that she hasn't been in a serious relationship since Evan Ellingson dissed her in an interveiw a couple months ago, she currently lives with her parent's and little sibling, south of Hollywood.

How many months are nick and miley been dating?

theyre not dating anymore

How long has Justin bieber and Selena Gomez been dating?

They've been dating for about 5 or 6 months.

Is pat kordyback dating?

yes he's dating a woman in Toronto... they've been dating for about 6 months!

Is Austin mahone dating camila Cabello?

There have been rumors that Austin and Camila are dating, but their relationship has not been confirmed yet.

Who is dating usher?

Usher is currently dating Grace Miguel. They have been in a relationship since 2009.

How many months have you been dating if i have been dating since November 23 2009?

Given the fact that you've been dating since November, 23, I can't answer how long I've been dating.. Modify your question please.

How do you tell your guy you don't want a serious relationship im 11?

Be nice and tell him 'I'm not ready to have a serious relationship yet' Been there, done that

You have only been dating 2 months what about birthday presents?

give birthday presents no matter how long you've been dating

What if you really had a crush on this guy for months and you know he did too and after finally dating him he ends the relationship Was it going to fast It was really intense But we felt very comfort?

Yes, it may have been going too fast. He may also have not been ready for a real relationship.

Should you be in a serious relationship with a girl who has been in relationship before twice?

Depends on how old you both are. If either of you are 15 or under, no relationship should be considered "serious." If you are older, then it doesn't matter how many relationships she has been in, you have to start somewhere.

What is next after you and your girlfriend have been going out for about 3 months?

What is next is always the question where you want to go with your relationship. Three months could be a good time to talk to your girlfriend about your future and what you expect of your relationship. Do you want it to be a serious relationship? Or are you only dating "for fun"? Is she even the girl you want to spend a lifetime with? Other than that there should be no "what is next" for you to ask. Being a couple is about spending time together, enjoying each other's company and being there for each other. There is no "next" in that, but only the "now".

Is Harry in relationship with Paige Reifler?

Harry is dating Paige Reifler at the moment. They have been dating a while.

Is enrique iglesias dating ciara?

No, he's dating Anna Kournikova. They've been dating for five years and it's really serious (he has said).

Is Miley Cyrus still dating Laim?

yes they have been dating for 9-10 months now

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