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Do guys want a serious relationship if they have been dating the same girl for two months?



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It depends on the guy, but yes it seems like that's the beginning of a serious relationship.

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It's a start, but don't bank on it 100%. Some couples like the idea of being a couple and feel more secure, while others really do love each other. It takes time to get to know each other so take one day at a time and enjoy getting to know each other. Sex is always high on the list, but unless you are ready don't be afraid to say no until you are. NEVER let anyone talk you into "fast sex". Both men and women can meet someone, know them for a very few months and want to hit the sheets right off the bat (that hasn't changed even when I was younger.) Learn to form the word "no" and see what this person is made out of. If they're too quick to want to hit the sheets with you or put pressure on you then it's usually more about sex than love. There are just too many sexually transmitted diseases out there to risk coming into contact with something until you get to the know that person. ALWAYS have the male use a condom. If you take a few months to get to know him and he's impatient and rude about sex, then kick his backside to the curb. Of course people enjoy sex, but, waiting a little is a lot better than having your heart broken. If he doesn't see you again because you won't "put out" quickly consider yourself lucky!