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Q: Do hamesters like candy
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Did Harriet Tubman like candy?

no she did not like candy

Are roborovski hamesters rare?

In the USA, they are pretty rare, but in other countries, they are not too rare.

Should you like candy?

you do not have to like candy if you don't want to.

How many people like candy?

Many People Like Candy. It would be impossible to count them.

What candy does keri hilson like?

hard candy

How many years can a hamster last for?

I am a vet and hamesters usually live between 1 to 3 years.

What is chronic candy?

chronic candy is snoop doggs candy that tastes like marijuana.

Why is cotton candy called cotton candy?

because it looks like cotton & its candy

Are Snickers bar a hard candy?

No, hard candy is like lollipops and candy canes

What type of candy does Robert Pattinson like?

he said in an interview that he didnt like candy

Why do you like to eat candy?

You probably like to eat candy because you are in a mood where you want candy or you are probably sad or emotional or fat

What is a name of a candy that are shaped like square?

square candy

What is a candy gram?

A candygram is a candy that is solid like a sucker.

Who would be interested in buying candy?

People who like candy.

Why do you get give candy?

because children like candy for treats.

Does Daniel Radcliffe like candy?

Yes he loves candy

Do kids like candy?

kids love candy

Can you give an five example of observation?

I see candy.The candy is sticky to the touch.The candy smells like strawberries.The candy tastes like kiwis.I hear my chewing of the candy.

Is Snickers the best candy?

It depends on what chocolate and candy you like. At the moment my fav candy is fudge!!

Who invented voice candy?

Candy is gooid> my voice is weird> i think i would like that candy!

Can birds have candy like lollipops and peppermint candy-canes?

Can dey eat candy canes

What does the candy house look like on panfu?

it looks like a real house but it is made out of candy

Why do people like sugar and candy?

Candy is sweet and many people like sweet things.

Why do you call it candy?

its called cotton candy because it looks like a cotton ball and it tates like sugary candy get it at fairs it yummy! Hope you like the answer By:cristina garcia

Does miley like candy?

Yes she loves candy but hates licorice.