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It certainly helps, but on occasion some couples can be as different as day and night and get along if they are mature enough. Couples need to give each other head space anyway, so each person should be an individual in their own right. As far as religion it depends on what faith you are. Jewish people prefer to stay within their own faith as do some Catholics, Muslims, etc. If you are a Christian then one can choose a person of another faith or lack of it and still get along. My husband and I are of two different belief systems and we respect each other and have been married 34 years without problems regarding religion.

In my opinion, it's the little things in common that make a relationship like favorite food or favorite movies. Also having the same morals are a good thing. However having the same personality can SOMETIMES be a bad thing. The saying "opposites attract" has a lot of meaning. The other person should complete you. So shy/outgoing for instance could be a good mix. You use your differences in personalities to support eachother.

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Is it common when you break up for the person to call you?

It depends on how close you were before the relationship, and the circumstances of the break-up.

What is the relationship between courage and patience?

it makes a strong relationship that may be hard to break Answer In my opinion, the relationship would be this: having the courage to do something some people may not do and having the patience to see it through.

Is having an emotional and physical relationship cheating if you are engaged to someone else but have no wedding date set after 2 years?

Yes it is cheating, don't try to justify things. If you are engaged, it basically means you are committed to that person , if you are having an emotional and physical relationship with someone else, then you are cheating on the relationship and on your commitment. Break off the engagement.

Do most teens break up after having a baby out of marriage?

It doesn't matter if they are married or not. When having a child young and also adding the strain of a relationship, most relationship ends.

Why do you have to suffer in a relationship?

If you are sufering in the relationship and are not having any fun then you should break it off and find someone who always makes you happy even if you fight!

What does it mean when my girlfriend says she needs time to figure things out about our relationship and that we need to take a break?

It seems from the question that you understand the meaning. She wants time to think, and needs to take a break from your relationship.

Can HPV break up a relationship?

Anything can break up a relationship. What will break up a relationship depends on the two people involved.

What are the common rules babysitters break?

Eating , sleeping, having friends over, stealing

How do you break up your girlfriend?

To break up with your girlfriend do these things. Go and talk to her about why you do not want to be in this relationship. Then break up with her and stay happy.

Can your hymen break while on your period?

Not from being on your period, but it can break for things other than sex. Athletic activity is a common one.

Is it normal to have an emotional attachment to your ex-girlfriend at 15 years of age after having gone out for four months and engaging in some sexual contact?

Yes. It's common to be blind for the things that made the relationship not work which is why many get back together and then break up again or one all of a sudden wants to get back together.

What makes a guy wants to break up?

Things that make a guy want to break up:Well I'm a boy, and my girlfriends making me want to break up with her:Here are reasons why- things a girl should/shouldn't do:Not having any/enough contact when not togetherDon't flirt with different boysDon't say things that put the relationship at risk- or things that you don't meanExplain to him you really love him allot but don't be super clingy!!!Don't do things that push him away from youAlways rememeber birthdays and aniverseriesSuprise himOne of the many things that guys don't like is not having Sex, or sexual intamacy or contact in a relationship. Well if you want to do with this but are not sure, make sure he really loves you and its making love- and not just casual sex.Not being friends with his friends- like arguing with themDont get angry with him if he messes up- like shout- just talk normallyAlways say I love you and tell him whyTrust himThese are things that keep a relationship going!Good luck!

What makes relationships to break?

Okay...I would have to say that what makes a relationship to break would be..... not enough trust in one another, lack of confidence in the opposite, and disloyalnes takes order for a relationship to take place you must keep note of these things.

What is the advantage of having no homework during weekdays?

Not having any homework on the weekends means that students get a break from homework, and can do things they like to do without having to think about getting homework done.

Why do women get emotional When they break up with their boyfriend?

Girls fantasize about being in love and having a family etc. And when their relationship is over, it's sad.

Is a break good for a relationship?


Can a break in a relationship help the relationship for the better?

that depends. Break will either make it or break it. on a break, a person might re-consider the worth over effort in their relationship. if you're not worth the effort, then one can never look at the relationship, and break the illusion of love, and starts to get rational. tldr; do not go on a break hoping it'll make your relationship better. :D but sometimes it just works out if you love you partner and you know you can trust them it really can help!

What to do during a break in a relationship?

well, a break, to me means having space from one another, but still together. you should still meet up with your partner. its good so then you get to see each other and get on. but only for a little while and only occasionally. this means you will cherish the time you have with each other. do NOT do things with other guys/girls.

Should your boyfriend and you take a break or break up or stay together?

Take a break, I think it's the best way to get your relationship back on the road. Slow things down and take time to talk about your problems. Hope this helps!!!

Is a break in a relationship a break up?

In some cases, a couple may require a break from each other to give them space. Sometimes the break is permanent, and other times the couple will use the time to think and release feeling for the other. One partner of the relationship may be having hard time in their own life and may ask for a break so they could keep focus on their own for alittle bit until they coyuld work it out.

You are in a long distance relationship your boyfriend cheated on you and now says he needs a break to fix things but he still loves you and wants to fix things with us and rebuild your relationship r?

Ditch him, and find a guy worthwhile. You'll thank yourself later.

What is the one thing that will end a relationship?

A loss of trust. If a person cannot trust you to do or live up to the things you've promised you would, that can break a relationship since you become no better than a stranger for them.

What is the issue about the relationship break down?

The issue is that the relationship broke down..

How long to take a break in relationship?

IF that is to happen then the relationship is actually over.

Did john and bipasha really break up?

Yes. They both broke up due to some reason. They both were having a really nice relationship between them. Something happened and they both then decided to end the relationship there and then.