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Do hawks eat domestic cats?


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Maybe a very small kitten, but generaly not. However, cats will try to eat the baby hawks.


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(Hawks,Falcons,Domestic Cats, And Humans).

Coyotes and bobcats eat a lot of domestic cats.

Cats definitely!

Yes they do, owls and hawks both. Yes they do, owls and hawks both.

Cats, hawks, and snakes...

Usually bigger birds such as hawks , snakes, and domestic cats.

Cats -- domestic, feral, lynxes and bobcats -- predatory birds such as hawks and occasionally owls, perhaps the occasional lucky snake.

Foxes, weasels, domestic cats and dogs, domesticated boars, snakes, hawks, and skunks will all eat baby chicks.

Mice and small animals. Yes they will eat cats

Predators of the roadrunner are hawks, falcons, domestic cats and humans.

Domestic and feral cats often eat hummingbirds. Another predator of the hummingbird are larger carnivorous birds, such as hawks. Preying mantises and spiders can also eat hummingbirds.

Domestic Cats obviously don't eat as much as other cats due to their size.

Yes sometimes cougars,leopards,tigers and other big cats will make a meal domestic cats

Foxes, skunks ,weasels, domestic cats, hawks, eagles, falcons. coyotes.Poor little chipmunks are food to any carnivore that can catch them.

Garden snakes have many predators that will eat them. Some of the predators are hawks, crayfish, crows, coral snake, raccoon and domestic dogs and cats.

Coyotes, wolves, and snakes eat cats. Raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls will take cats as well. Any larger predator will eat cats: wolves, coyotes, bears, some dogs, foxes, raccoons, eagles and hawks...

Cougars will eat domestic cats when they can catch them.

they could eat domestic cats and this is a great question for a food web

Any dogs/cats under 10 lb are in danger

Snakes and hawks, as well as cats, eat gerbils.

Burrowing owls have few predators, mostly hawks, snakes or domestic cats.

The main predators of a black bird are domestic cats, foxes and predatory birds such as hawks.

Humans (in some countries cats ARE eaten), coyotes, wolves, and feral dogs eat cats. Also, raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls will take cats.

Domestic cats do eat meat. They are carnivores, so, meat must constitute almost their entire diet. They cannot survive without it.

owls snakes and cats eat birds but there is morecentipede eats mouse.even cats eat mouseHawks, owls, coyotes, foxes, cats, weasels, etc.

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