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Steel seal, bars leak, JB, all will work for minor cooling system leaks; however, if you have a leaking head gasket that is consuming coolant you will find that mechanical repair is necessary.

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Q: Do head gasket sealants such as Steel Seal orThermagasket really work for automotive repair?
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Do you use gasket glue on both sides of the gasket on a thermostat?

You can, but if you have a new gasket glue is really not needed.

What is a good automotive repair training program?

The best automotive repair training programs are found at local community colleges where they really care about your success.

How do you put on a gasket for a buick 1995 park avenue?

Your question is REALLY vague. There are a number of gaskets on a car ,so you need to be very specific. Is it a head gasket,valve cover gasket,water pump gasket etc....

Do you need an adhesive for the gasket on a thermostat?

If both metal surfaces are really smooth and you have a good composite gasket then you may not need it. - If you have a good gasket goo available, it can't hurt. -My favorite is 'Permatex Aviation Form a Gasket' .

Which gasket is correct for a 1996 3.8 Ford Thermostat the paper gasket or round rubber gasket?

That's easy actually i don't really know haha sorrry you guys *blushes*

Does steel seal really works on blown head gasket?

As an emergency repair yes. The only permanent repair is to replace the gasket.

Will stop leak really fix a head gasket?

No, it will not. That is used as an emergency repair. The only fix for a blown head gasket is to replace it.

What are the raw materials used in the automotive industry?

Steel which is really important for them and oil i think?

What is the difference between a 2 post and a 4 post automotive lift?

The difference is exactly what it sounds like. The 4 post automotive lift has four posts and the 2 post automotive has 2 posts. They both function great and its really a personal choice.

Does bard head gasket sealer really work?

IMO, this is only a temporary emergency fix. It will not permanently fix the problem. You will need a new head gasket.

How replease head gasket?

go to a certified auto tech if you really want to know

Does blue devil head gasket sealer really work?

yea it works good on a boat motor In my experience the only permanent repair for a blown head gasket is to replace it. These gasket sealers are only a temporary fix used in an emergency.

When this 1987 corvette ran really hot and started blowing exhaust in your radiator Would the head gasket water port restrict the flow of coolant and that's the reason it got hot?

You either have a bad manifold gasket or blown head gasket.

Where is the drain plug for the differential on a 97 Thunderbird?

There is no drain plug. You can try to suction out the lube but you really need to remove the rear cover to completely drain the differential. And buy a new gasket (or make your own from gasket stock material) to reinstall the cover; use a gasket sealant sparingly on the gasket and bolt threads to get a good seal.

Hello is it a must to use gasket cement or glue when installing a new thermostat on a 1993 jeep Cherokee thanx?

you dont really need to us a gasket compound on your gasket thought i would put a little bit of black silicone on it. it can only help the seal

How difficult of a job is it to replace an intake manifold gasket on a 99' Saturn SL1?

If you have a general automotive knowledge and some metric wrenches and sockets, you should be able to do it. Might take you 1 - 1.5 hrs to remove it. Not to difficult really except that it is behind the engine and some of the lower intake mounting bolts may be tough to see.

which is the best rated Garmin GPS system ?

The Garmin Nuvi 255 Automotive GPS System has a really good rating.

Do you really need to replace the oil pan gasket?

yes if its leaking or if u replace the oil pan

Is the over the counter transmission additives really work and will in damage transmission?

by replacing the bad gasket / seal

How to fit 106 head gasket?

unless really good and familiar with car mechanicals, dont. take it to your garage

Is it required to change oil filter and oil when changing a valve cover gasket?

It is a really good idea. Usually when you remove the cover and remove the old gasket there is a good chance that you will get some foreign object into the engine.

Does k-seal head gasket repair really work?

It may work for a short period of time and should only be used as an emergency repair. The only permanent fix is to replace the head gasket.

Where can I submit questions online for automotive repair advice?

There are some really great helpful websites that allow you to submit an automotive repair question for some expert advice. One such site is,all you have to do is select auto category and then ask your question.

What is the admission criteria for getting into an automotive institute?

It really depends on what college you want to apply into, but the typical process are getting good SAT,ACT test scores and keeping your grades up. For examples in the Arizona Automotive Institute, open admissions are required.

Can you use sealant instead of gasket for oil pan?

Some vehicles use just a sealant gasket at the front and back of the pan and a gasket along the sides. If your vehicle calls for a gasket your are better off getting one because it is a pretty minor expense. The whole reason for the gasket is that the manufacturer expects some pan flexing as the engine warms up. So...If you don't plan to keep the car very long maybe you can get away with it for awhile but it's really not worth it. I'd recommend you get the correct gasket. Good luck.